Report: Kayne West Wants To Name Baby North

Rumor has it that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are going to name their baby North.

The Sun is reporting that the 35-year-old rapper likes the unusual name because he thinks it sounds good with his surname – making the baby’s name North West.

Most folks probably assume that the couple will give their baby a name that starts with a K.  Both parents’ names begin with the letter K as well as Kim’s famous siblings and mom.  Time will tell – Kim and Kanye are expecting their first child together in July.

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  • klutzy_girl

    LOL. I seriously doubt it because The Sun isn’t reliable, but that would be hilarious. And poor kid if that ended up happening.

  • jo

    Someone’s taking the piss, surely. Although by celeb standards North isn’t a bad name.

    • Amélie

      North West isn’t that bad?!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve heard far worse names than that. It’s actually kind of cool.

  • Anonymous

    It figures 2 @$$holes would pick a name like that. They should name the kid brutta ragazza because that’s what it will be.

  • cb

    omg – it is so sad to think these two will be responsible for another human being !!!!

  • anon

    Well, look what happened to Nicole Richie and Snookie. Perhaps this will be the catalyst they need to focus on something other than themselves? Maybe 🙂

  • joke

    How about calling the baby “Head” or better yet “Sun sets in the” West……………

  • cb

    anon – that would be nice. but somehow i doubt it. these two are selfish, fame hogs. i cannot see either settling down to be productive members of society and good parents. just hope they have a very good and loving nanny !!!!

    • rowe_wc

      Snookie and Ritchie were selfish fame hogs as well. Must be hope for Kimye too.

  • May

    Gee, that’s just mean. Why would he want to do this to his own kid?

  • Laughing

    North west?! lmao. I guess we can also then expect south, east and West West then?

  • denise


  • Jennifer

    North West. Ridiculous.

  • Chane

    North is a cool name, but NOT with the surname West. How will they call their outher kids? East and South? Poor kid. Actually I hope this is a joke!

    • ivy

      I agree, North could be cool, but not if your last name is West.

  • Porter


  • kamila

    I hope none of you actually believe this. It’s the Sun, one of the most unreliable and ridiculous tabloids and I’m pretty sure some writer just made this up to grab a few cheap headlines. I’m sure the kid will have a wacky name but I have a feeling it’ll be more like Blue Ivy, or something similar.

  • Oli

    North? The sun can never be found in the North…..

  • cassey

    Personally I would have gone with East, but what can you do?

  • Shirelle

    If this is true this is one of the dumbest names ever!

  • Mary

    Made me laugh when I first read this. To each his own. Comedian Ralphie May named his children August and April. But for him it seems funny, for Kayne who isnt a very humorous person it seems weird, but it is their child.

  • Anabelle

    I can’t see these too naming their child North. They are both so incredibly vain that I can only see them giving their child a “K” name. x

    • sarah lee

      Knorth, perhaps? 😀

      • Anonymous9

        Joking or not, you’re probably right.

  • Adele


  • Sandra

    What a stupid asshole! Her too! That is all I have to say!

  • anonymous

    What do you name your second kid then? If you name him “South” then you sound like a big old joke but you can’t just go call it “Kate” or something of the like. Do you know what I mean?

  • anonymous

    I saw a funny one earlier on another page about how they should name their kid Easton! Still a horrible pun but not nearly as bad as North :o)

    • anonymous

      What about North Easton West 😀

  • courtney

    why would this be shocking if true which it’s probably not consider the source I could see something like Kimberly Eugenie West or Kelly Eliza West but these two are too self absorbed to care about how their spawn is treated when in public what happened to names like Joanne or Samantha

  • Tiffany

    Loved all the comments. Hey Kim & Kanye name the baby Kali West…I like that!

  • Anonymous

    If I take away my personal dislike for this couple, I actually think that North West is a very clever name.

  • Brandi

    I hope this isn’t true. Poor baby girl…

  • C.P

    I guess they can’t name the baby South West because then they can’t trademark the baby’s name. South West flies on Southwest to visit his/her family in the south west.

  • Ali

    I actually like the name ‘North’- I really don’t know why but I do. It would work as a fantastic middle name as well.

  • Meliss

    With the nutty gene from its father, I vote for the name Wyle (Wild).

  • sierra

    Terrible, terrible idea. Dont they know that just bc theyre celebrities, that doesn’t mean their kid won’t get picked on. DUH!

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