Alyssa Milano & Milo: “Funny Faces”

Who’s the Boss? alum Alyssa Milano, 40, shared a sweet shot of her blue-eyed boy Milo, 19 months.

“Funny Faces,” Alyssa captioned the above photo via Instagram.

The actress recently opened up about her new ABC show Mistresses to start airing this May. She also said: “Other than that I’m working on motherhood.”

As for expanding their family, the brunette beauty replied, “Thinking about it. More ready this month than I was last month.”

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Photo credit: Instagram


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  1. ToteMQ

    Love them booth. <3 cute mom+cute baby=a whol world of cuteness

  2. jacquie

    I am so glad she became a mother it has made her even more compassionate, as if that was even possible! She is an amazing actress, human being, and now mom! This is a true role model that I would allow my kids to have!

  3. Jessica

    I think I just died from all the cuteness!!!
    He is beyond gorgeous! And he is so truly blessed to have Alyssa as his mommy. She is absolutely awesome in every way possible!

  4. Nella

    They are so cute! i can’t believe alyssa is 40-years old, she looks much younger!

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