Holly Madison Debuts Post-Baby Body

Just two weeks after welcoming her daughter Rainbow on March 5, former Playboy Playmate Holly Madison rocked the red carpet at Hyde Nightclub in the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on Friday (March 22). Debuting her post-baby body in a light blue dress accessorized with a black belt and heels, Holly looked every bit the radiant new mom at the charity event.

“Right now, I’m just concentrating on healing and eating healthy,” Holly told In Touch, revealing that she gained 40 pounds during her pregnancy. “I had my placenta turned into pills. My baby nurse said it would help me recover faster and get back on my feet.”

She is planning to be back down to her pre-baby weight of 110 pounds in a month-and-a-half.

“We’re putting a gym in our house, so I’ll be doing yoga, Pilates and cardio,” Holly said, adding she will stick mainly to green smoothies, coconut-yogurt, teas and vegetable stews.

The reality star is planning to work on another Las Vegas show. “I think that would be a perfect schedule for me. Just go down the street, do the show for a couple of hours, and then be back with the baby,” she said.

Is she planning for a tummy tuck to help with the rapid weight loss?

“I want to have more kids,” she said. “Maybe when I’m done, that will make sense.”

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Photo credit: FameFlynet/In Touch

  • Jennifer

    well, it’s easy to “get back on your feet” when you have a baby nurse caring for your newborn. Honestly though…when I was a new mom….I would not have left my newborn baby to ‘go out’ and flaunt my post-body….even at a charity event. I can’t stand Holly. I think she is a piece of work.

  • em

    I think she looks good! I dont understand how these moms step out in dresses after birth… I was concious of my afterbirth bleeding for weeks- it was bad for me but I guess it might not be for everyone. The placenta pills are a little scary…my body evicted it for a reason! But to each their own!

    • Josslyn

      No joke! I couldn’t even walk very well for at least three weeks after having an episiotomy, so I can’t imagine getting back into a dress and high heels that fast after giving birth.

  • courtney

    when your in public life/entertainment industry like Holly is you don’t get long breaks to heal from childbirth unless your a huge star/had a difficult pregnancy which she isn’t/didn’t have either. my favorite actress made her first post baby red carpet appearence 6 weeks after her first daughter was born supporting her husband at the NYC premiere of one of his films granted that was 54 years ago and she could’ve opted out had she wanted to as she had won an oscar the year before shortly after their marriage. at that point a child sleeps more than they are awake

  • Elle

    So why doesn’t she get a long break, what exactly is she going to do?

    • Annabell

      Because she is a famewhore and knows that if she went away the public will forget about her and move on to the next one.

      These people are a dollar a dozen no talent nobodies who’s only claim to fames is pimping out their lives and sleeping with someone famouse or in (Kim K case having a sex tape).

  • kathy

    Its different for everybody. I was able to go to the mall to buy some baby stuff two days after normal delivery with episiotomy. I was bloated but didnt look pregnant that fast. 2 weeks after giving birth i was back to my pre pregnancy weight and im no celebrity. Everyone is different.

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