Scott Baio & Family: Kids’ Choice Awards

Scott Baio and wife Renee were all smiles at the Kids’ Choice Awards with their adorable 5-year-old daughter Bailey in Los Angeles, Calif. on Saturday (March 23). Sporting her very first dress from Justice, Bailey looked every bit the mini fashionista as she walked the red carpet carrying her Swarovski Hello Kitty purse.

“Scott and I got a lot of laughs and giggles while on the press carpet,” Renee tells Celebrity Baby Scoop. “A huge gust of wind blew the back of my dress up over my head,” she says, further advising to “always wear underwear.”

She adds: “So he was posing for his pics while trying to wrangle my dress [laughs].”

Despite narrowly escaping a wardrobe malfunction, it sounds like the Baios enjoyed the fun family event.

“Scott was excited to meet Danica Patrick and talked to Steve Carell backstage,” Renee says. “He also enjoyed announcing awards already given out with his SEE DAD RUN kids.”

“Bailey was wanting to meet Taylor Swift and Katy Perry,” Renee adds. “She didn’t meet them, but was pleased to watch Katy get her award. BB is good friends with James Maslow (he plays “Ricky Adams” on SEE DAD RUN) and always loves talking to him.”

And you’ll never believe what Renee paid for her lovely dress.

“I chose a BCBG Classic dress I bought for $16 at Dress On A Dime, a pop up designer consignment franchise,” Renee says. “Next month the sale moves to Ventura County where shoppers can pay $15 entry fee to see a fashion show — and shop before it’s open to the public. The proceeds will go to the Bailey Baio Angel Foundation.”

Scott and his sweet daughter will make an appearance Monday on The Rachael Ray Show.

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Photo credit: FameFlynet/AKM-GSI/The Rachael Ray Show


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  1. Jenn

    I love her dress. They are such a cute family

  2. Dana

    Cute family. I clicked on their foundation to learn more and saw that they are lobbying to make the newborn screening test legally mandated in all 50 states… Which is a bit strange considering that the test gave them a false positive and created enormous stress in their lives when they should have been able to enjoy their new baby. The newborn screen is notorious for false positives, which often result in women being told to stop breast feeding and subject their infants to a litany of further testing. Why the Baios would want to force that experience on thousands of other parents is beyond me. Leave it optional and let parents make their own decisions.

    • Mother of a child saved by NBS

      First of all, newborn screening is already mandated in all 50 states. Depending on whether your state is opt-in, or opt-out, there are still ways for parents to refuse newborn screening. The Baio’s are not advocating for parents to have no say or choice in the care of their child.

      What the Baio’s are advocating for is COMPREHENSIVE newborn screening for all newborns. Some states screen for 29 disorders, some for over 40 and some even more. Comprehensive newborn screening in all states would allow all children to be screened for the 50+ disorders detectable through newborn screening.

      Newborn screening is not a diagnostic tool, it’s a screening tool. Of course there are false positives. Yes, a false positive screening does, absolutely, cause great stress on a family. All states providing the same, comprehensive screening test would also have to potential to reduce false positives, as false positive rates also vary by state.

      That phone call that your child has screened positive is absolutely a terrifying, stressful time for a family. I went through that myself when we found our child had screened positive. We were not fortunate enough to have it be a false positive.

      As stressful as it can be to deal with finding your child had a false positive newborn screening, have you considered the alternative? Imagine the stress, heartbreak and grief when your child dies from a treatable disorder because they were born in a state that doesn’t include their disorder in their panel. Imagine that your child loses their entire quality of life, including walking, talking and the ability to eat, because they were born in the wrong state. That is what the Baio’s advocate and fight for, in addition to several other things like providing access to life saving foods and supplements that children with these need to live, and often isn’t covered by insurance.

      • Mother of a child saved by NBS

        I’d like to elaborate on having parents opt-in to having newborn screening. As Jill Levy-Fisch mentioned, a great deal of education would be required for a parent to make an informed decision on refusing newborn screening.

        Dana has illustrated how uninformed an individual can be on false positives and the need for newborn screening. Without proper education, a parent can not make an informed decision on this, which is why foundations like the Bailey Baio Angel Foundation fight for comprehensive newborn screening and the Save Babies Through Screening Foundation advocates not only for that, but for proper education of expectant families – so they understand newborn screening, how it can vary depending on state, and how they can obtain comprehensive newborn screening if their state does not offer it.

    • I am the President of the Save Babies Through Screening Foundation. We are the only national non profit in the country solely dedicated to the advocacy of newborn screening. Newborn screening is one of the most successful public health programs in the country and saves thousands of babies every year from death or permanent disability. Through my work I have gotten to know the Baio’s on both a personal and professional level. They have made clear that while of course it was stressful while waiting to learn the results of their daughters diagnostic tests after an initial positive screen, they are tremendously grateful for newborn screening and fully understand how it saves lives. Every baby deserves a healthy start and newborn screening allows certain disorders to be diagnosed early so treatment may be started and therefore lives saved. No baby should die or become impaired when there is simple testing to prevent heartache.

  3. Tanisha

    Adorable family! It’s nice to see new faces for a change.

  4. I also wanted to add that newborn screening is NOT notorious for false positives. We need to cast a wide net when screening so babies don’t get missed. Newborn screening is a screening test just like the many other screens a newborn will receive. Having parents opt in to have newborn screening is getting into dangerous territory because those families would have to receive excellent education during the prenatal period about newborn screening in order to make an informed decision. Every state has a newborn screening program. It doesn’t get any better than saving babies!

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