Catt Sadler: “It’s Really All About Focusing On What’s In Front Of Me”

Celebrity Baby Scoop recently caught up with E! News weekend co-anchor Catt Sadler when she hosted the Pre-Fashion Week Launch Party in support of the Women Like Us Foundation.  The organization was co-founded by Catt’s mother Linda Rendleman and inspires, empowers, and engages women to make a difference globally and nationally.

Catt opened up about the event and the cause as well as her two sons, Arion, 8, and Austin, who she refers to as the next ‘massive director’ and happened to celebrate his 12th birthday on the day of the event.

CBS: What are you looking forward to in hosting the event tonight?

CS: It’s so great to be in a room where everyone comes to support a cause that matters! ‘Women Like Us’ is the foundation that my mom started, and it makes me incredibly proud to be here making noise about this organization that does really great things for women and girls all over the world.

CBS: Tell us a little about your two boys and what they like to do for fun?

CS: I have two sons; Arion turned 8 in February and Austin turned 12 today.  Austin is really into making movies. He has a YouTube channel and he’s obsessed with Smosh on the internet. He is the next massive director, I kid you not. He’s been making movies since he was five-years-old. He is into all things pop culture. We just made a family ‘Harlem Shake’ video and he’s our little documentarian. He’s an incredible artist, and my mom and I tease that in ten years we are going to work for him.

CBS: How do you balance your busy career and motherhood?

CS: I have a lot of support. It’s a lot…I try to be really present at all times. If I’m at work, I’m at work. If I’m with my kids, the phone is down and I am locked in. It’s really all about focusing on what’s in front of me, but also having a huge support system of friends and family that do the shuttle runs to basketball and baseball and all the things I have going on. Without them, I couldn’t do it.

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