Kim Kardashian: “Happy Mommy, Happy Baby”

Reality star Kim Kardashian stepped out in two different outfits on Tuesday (March 26) in New York City. While promoting her new film Temptation, the mom-to-be made an appearance on Good Morning America, saying, “I feel really good.”

“I have so much energy. I’m not tired. I haven’t had morning sickness. I feel really lucky about that,” she added. “Happy mommy, happy baby.”

After her tweet Monday, saying, “I never thought I would ever say this… But I’m wearing flats today,” Kim was asked to elaborate.

“You know what, they actually hurt my back,” the expectant mom said. “I love high heels … Whatever makes me feel good, I want to wear. And I love wearing heels. I’m trying the flats, but we’ll see.”

And she talked about her sister Kourtney’s recent advice.

“Kourtney warned me when you become a mom and become pregnant, there will be this whole new group of critics that will criticize me for everything you do,” Kim said. “If I wear one color clothes, I’m in this kind of mood. Or if I wear heels, they’re harmful.”

In Tyler Perry’s new film Temptation, which opens March 29, Kim stars alongside Vanessa Williams. She plays Ava, assistant to millionaire matchmaker Janice, who is played by Williams. The film tells the story of a young, married woman who is tempted into betraying her husband and goes on to suffer huge consequences.

Kim said shooting the film was “really fun” and “really different than shooting the reality show.”

“I found I was definitely comfortable in front of the cameras because I’m so used to it at home when we’re filming, but it’s almost this pressure because there’s so many people depending on you for the script and you want to make sure you get everything so right,” said Kim. “It was fun though. I want to do more.”

She added that playing the role of “a mean girl” is something her sisters do not let her get away with at home.

“My sisters put me in check, but it was fun to play a character,” Kim said.

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  1. Jessica

    The white outfit is actually beautiful looking on her. The main picture dress that pink one.. god awful! Pregnant or not!

  2. hannah

    She looks beautiful. Some women just love their heels, my sister wore heels throughout her entire pregnancy.

  3. Lia

    She is wearing a pink parachute today?

  4. Someone

    The second outfit is actually pretty cute. Not sure why she insists on wearing every skirt above her bump though…tends to look a little odd with her clothing choices. The first one would be much cuter if it wasn’t shaped like a balloon on the bottom.

  5. Anonymous

    It actually looks more like a lamp shade that she’s wearing.. And Clarrisa I agree with you!

  6. SMH

    When Nicole Richie became pregnant with her first I thought oh no this isn’t going to be good. Then she proved to be a great mom.
    When Snooki became pregnant with her first again most of us though omg I can’t believe this woman is going to be a mom. And again she seems to be doing a pretty good job.
    But Kim K, I don’t know. Something about me wants to believe that she will be a great mom and she really has no reason not to be. But she has such a fake demeanor and self absorbed personality that I just am having a hard time still believing that she is actually going to be a mom!

  7. DanSy

    The beige dress is really sweet. I like it on her.

  8. Meliss

    I think she looks gorgeous in these ensembles. These show off her pretty face and great legs without making her look chubby. As a former stylist you’d think she’d be better at adapting her style to her growing belly. But, this is a vast improvement. Stay away from that green pencil skirt look from the other day, girlfriend.

  9. popsykl

    i super love that pink dress……..:)

  10. anonymous

    “I have so much energy. I’m not tired. I haven’t had morning sickness. I feel really lucky about that,” she added. “Happy mommy, happy baby.”

    Wasn’t she just complaining about how things have been so terrible for her and she has had all sorts of morning sickness and she couldn’t believe how easy Kourtney and her mom made everything look?

  11. Anonymous9

    Is she trying to look like the side of a barn on purpose? It’s hard to believe that she actually thought that this looked good. Maybe she’s just screwing with us and laughing her butt off.

  12. Jennie

    Has she gotten plastic surgery on her face? She doesn’t even look like herself anymore. She used to be such a pretty girl and now she just looks plastic and botoxed to hell.

  13. annabella

    worst pregnancy style ever!!! just awful

  14. Anie

    Is it me or she keep messing up her face?

  15. maryellen

    lol!! she looks like such an ass!

  16. anon

    I think she seems to be in denial, you can’t hide that bump forever girl

  17. Bertha

    You got a baby in your ass too!?

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