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2012 saw a bevy of new celebrity babies, and many of these were born to proud Latina mamis. Mamiveres rounded up of some of the best known Latina celebrities to give birth last year.

Wow, talk about a trifecta of good looking babies. Victoria’s Secret alums (and pals? hmm…) Giselle Bündchen, Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima all welcomed their second babies in 2012. For Bündchen and hubby Tom Brady, it was a girl, Vivian Lake. Ambrosio and longtime companion Jamie Mazur brought home baby boy Noah, and for Lima and NBA star Marko Jarić, daughter Sienna is the new addition.

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  1. Isabella

    Actually, Adriana is Brazilian and they speak Portuguese. Stop labeling every one in South America by that idiotic American word. Brazil also has a very different culture and heritage from the Spanish speaking countries in South America. The Brazilian people call themselves Brazilian.

    • ana

      Just so you know , The Spanish and Portuguese are two latin languages ​​that have much in common, besides their geographical proximity and their origin. Spanish is the language that has more affinity with the Portuguese and aside from the Galician had a common origin with the Portuguese .That’s why usually brazilians are called latin.

      • GDL

        To add to what Ana said, France actually coined the term when invaded Mexico in 1800s. They wanted to label all Cental/South American colonies under the Spanish and Portuguese as “Latin American” to extend their (French) empire, thereby Latin American was used because these languages stem from Latin. Whether this in fact is true, regardless it makes sense considering this languages are Latin languages, so technically Brazilians are “latinos”, by the actual definition of the word, which most people seem to not know.

        Also, may people from central/south america have european ancestry. My paternal grandmother is a spanish jew, my maternal grandparents are italian. That doesn’t make me italian. I was born in the US, my parents in honduras. When people ask me where I’m from I don’t give them my parent’s/grandparent’s nationalities. Can we please cut this italian-american, cuban-america, mexican-american, german-american, irish-american and my ancesters are from x country so I’m from x country crap. If you were born in x country, you are from x country not from y country because of your ancestors.

        • GDL

          In any case if there is a need to lump all people from south/central america together the correct term would be Central American and South Americans, just like Canadians/Meixcan/US nationals are North Americans, this would be equal to calling Irish/Spaniards/Italians/Russians Europeans; Japanese/Chinese/ Vietnamese Asians. Latin American also is incorrect bc as far as I know the native languages of these countries aren’t of latin descent. Maybe I’m over thinking this, but it’s time we actually think about things like this. Just like the term Hispanic (look it up) I’m sure most people don’t know where it comes from.

  2. Isabella

    Forget to add that Gisele is German and Ambrosio is Italian and Polish. There are more Italians and Germans living in Brazil than is the United States.

  3. Rios

    Yes, Brazilians basically are Europeans from many different European countries but they are still Brazilian! We don’t recognize the term Latino because it is a Politically Correct American invention. Every country in Latin America is different but in the states they try to lump all people from that region of the world into the same category without respect to their nationalistic heritage and history and that is unfair and unwise. The Indigenous people of Brazil never call themselves ‘Latino” either it is considered an insult.

  4. The baby will be very beautiful. Congratulations!

  5. Isabella

    No they would not have 4 citizenships they would have one and that is the country of their birth but that still does not alter a person’s ethnicity. They have Italians and Germans born all over the world and one language having an affinity with another does not make it the same thing. English is a Germanic based language but those who speak English are not Germans. Are English called German? Brazilians have never called themselves Latin that is a new term invented by American activist who try to lump everyone from that part of the world, or who speaks a Latin based language into the same category and that is wrong. That undermines and denies the culture and history of all countries in that region.

  6. Júlia

    I’m Brazilian, so I can speak about my country. Although we are in Latin American, we dont call ourselves latinos, we are only Brazilian. No matter where your grandparents or great grandparents were from, if you were born here, you are Brazilian. So, Gisele Bundchen, Alessandra Ambrosioo and Adriana Lima are all brazilians.

    Sorry about my English

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