Lisa Matassa Debuts ‘Somebody’s Baby’

With the release of her latest CD, Somebody’s Baby, mom-of-two Lisa Matassa debuts her third country album. Staying true to her “diverse” style, Somebody’s Baby boasts songs that hold special meaning to her — she even included her “all time favorite holiday song.”

Lisa opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her newest CD, her two teenagers – Alexa, 17, and Frank, 15 – and the joys of motherhood. She also talks about discovering her talent at a young age and the ongoing support she’s received from her parents over the years.

CBS: Tell us about your CD Somebody’s Baby. What can fans expect and look forward to?

LM: “This EP includes some really wonderful songs I have enjoyed over the years. It is a bit diverse in style, but each of the songs I selected holds a special meaning for me. We released the CD in December and I thought it was only fitting to add my all time favorite holiday song (The Christmas Song).

Three of the songs on the EP I co-wrote, and hopefully they will give the listener an inside look at who I am as a person. We’ve also included the music video to the title track Somebody’s Baby which includes some scenes from my actual family life.”

CBS: What inspired you to get into country music?

LM: “I grew up in south Florida during the time when the area was filled with farmland and open roads. I loved the peaceful feeling of riding horses and going fishing after school with my two brothers. Country music was really popular then and my mom and dad would blast songs all the time in our house from artists like Johnny Cash, George Jones, Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn.

I remember being around eight years old and I would sing to the dolls and teddy bears in my bedroom and give them a little concert. I would try to act, move and sound just like the singer I was imitating on the records and I realized then how much I wanted to be a Country singer.

I didn’t know at the time if I was actually any good, but one day my parents heard me belting out a song in my room and as soon as I finished the last note of the song my dad flung open the door and yelled “Lisa, you can SING!” I’ll never forget the expression on his face when he said that to me. He looked so proud and happy and said to me that God had given me the gift of voice and we needed to make sure we took care of that gift. Within the week, my parents set me up with a singing coach to learn proper breathing and vocal techniques. I love and treasure the support my parents gave me at that early age.”

CBS: Tell us about your daughter Alexa, 17, and son Frank, 15. What are they into? What’s it like being a mom to teenagers?

LM: “My kids are my life and my heart and I’m truly blessed. It’s not easy raising teenagers today. Sometimes you find yourself second guessing things, but I do believe having a loving and strong family base filled with trust, honesty and integrity is paramount in keeping things on track.

My daughter Alexa is such an amazing young woman. She is so kind and beautiful both inside and out and I couldn’t be more proud of her. She has a lovely, strong singing voice but I’m not sure music is her real passion. She has dreams of becoming a CEO of a major corporation one day.

My son Frank is your typical teenage boy and has an entertaining personality. He can be so funny and make you bust out laughing one minute and then make you scratch your head in doubt when he asks you questions that there are no answers to. He’s also a ridiculously talented drummer and has been playing the drums since he was six years old.

It’s every parent’s hope that you’ve raised a caring, responsible, loving child and I think we’re doing a pretty great job with both of our children. I just hope I have inspired them to dream big and to be happy in whatever path they choose.”

CBS: Does motherhood influence your music?

LM: “Absolutely. When I choose songs to sing or record, there has to be a connection for me with the lyric. Most of the songs I have co-written were inspired by actual events in my life so there’s an emotional attachment to them. I like singing about real-life experiences and couldn’t see myself recording a song that would embarrass my kids or make them look at me in a different light.”

CBS: Please share some of your favorite motherhood moments.

LM: “We live in the same house our kids were raised in. Every time I walk down the staircase, I am reminded of Christmas mornings, the crazy Easter egg hunts we had or the day my husband came home and surprised us with our dog. When I walk out to the backyard, I remember the day my husband built the kids’ wooden swing set, the day we had our first swim in the pool as a family and the big green tent my kids would (try to) sleep in on a hot summer night.

There are so many wonderful moments for me to list. One thing my kids and I still do together is bake. And we still fight over who gets to lick the bowl!”

CBS: How do you balance a busy singing career and family life?

LM: “It’s quite a balancing act but I am very lucky to have the most incredible support system at home. My husband is such an amazing person and my best friend. He has been my biggest fan (next to my Dad). When I’m not home, he holds everything together.

I also have support from my parents and immediate family who help out whenever we both need to be away at the same time. Fortunately our kids are a bit older so they don’t require as much “hand holding” like when they were younger. When I need to be on the road, I make sure to talk with them every day either on the phone or through FaceTime.”

CBS: Is being eco-friendly a priority in your household? If so, please share how you are teaching your kids to respect the environment.

LM: “In addition to recycling paper, plastic and glass, my kids knew from an early age that if they have something they can no longer wear, no longer want or need, they should ask themselves, “Can I or someone else reuse this item?” Anything someone else can reuse they put in a bag, label it and we drop it off at either the church, the animal shelter or to anyone who needs it.”

CBS: What is up next for you?

LM: “We’re still promoting my latest single and EP Somebody’s Baby, so that will keep me on the road quite a bit the next few months. In addition, we’re putting together songs for my new full-length album, which we plan to release this August.

My life is a bit crazy at the moment, and I never know what’s going to happen from day to day, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. My Mom always said to my brothers and me, “You only live once, make it count” and that’s what I intend to do.”

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