‘Horrible’ or ‘Amazing?’ Celebrity Moms Talk C-Sections


From our friends at BabyCenter.com! By Carolyn Roberston.

Are celebrities really “too posh to push?”

A-list moms span the spectrum when it comes to childbirth: There are home births, water births and yes, elective c-sections. And then there’s the crowded middle ground of moms whose birth plans didn’t work out quite they way they’d imagined.

Whether by choice or necessity, Hollywood mamas seem to have mixed feelings about having caesarean sections. From Pink to Angelina Jolie, Kate Winslet to Britney Spears, here’s what some of our favorite famous moms have to say…

Pink had hoped for a natural birth, but ended up with a c-section when daughter Willow was breech: “It all turned out perfectly in the end, even though it wasn’t what we intended, because she is healthy and happy and so am I.”

Christina Aguilera opted for a c-section, admitting, “I didn’t want any surprises. Honestly, I didn’t want any tearing. I had heard horror stories of women going in and having to have an emergency C-section [anyway]. ”

Marcia Cross delivered her twins via c-section, later saying, “And whoever said that was easy?! I did not enjoy that, not for one minute…”

Angelina Jolie delivered Shiloh via c-section, saying, “It ended up being the greatest thing. . . . I had a C-section and I found it fascinating. I didn’t find it a sacrifice and I didn’t find it a painful experience. I found it a fascinating miracle of what a body can do.”

Jennifer Lopez’s kids Max and Emme were born via-section: “Because I had twins and that was recommended for me to have a C-section, and there was a part of me [that] had thought, ‘I didn’t get to do it the way that everybody else does.'”

Kate Hudson opted for a c-section when her labor wasn’t progressing: “The doctor said I could go home… I was like, ‘I am not going home, just don’t want to do this again. Let’s just have a C-section.'”

Kelly Preston delivered her third baby Benjamin via c-section: “For the first time, I had a C-section, We had a beautiful quiet birth based on [Scientology Founder] L Ron Hubbard’s philosophy,” she revealed.

Patricia Heaton had multiple c-sections, followed by a tummy tuck: “I had four babies and four C-sections,” she said. “And my stomach looked like the map of the world.”

After 30 hours of labor, doctors recommended Bethenny Frankel have a c-section: “She came out like a little doll,” she says of Bryn’s birth. “It was amazing.”

Camila Alves labored for 40 hours with her first baby, “But the vacuum didn’t work, and the doctor said, ‘C-section,” revealed her husband Matthew McConaughey. Their third baby, Livingston, also arrived via c-section.

Molly Sims revealed her plans for a natural birth were dashed: “I wanted to do it naturally but there was a problem with the umbilical cord, so I had to have a C-Section…. It’s definitely scary because you have to go into an operating room.”

Jenny McCarthy seems to have some c-section regret: ‘It’s horrible, it’s horrible — it’s hard when they have you strapped down ’cause you’re like, ‘I just want to hold my baby!'” she says.

Kate Winslet felt some c-section shame: ‘I’ve gone to great pains to cover it up. But Mia was an emergency C-section. I just said that I had a natural birth because I was so completely traumatised by the fact that I hadn’t given birth. I felt like a complete failure.”

Britney Spears chose a c-section because she didn’t “want to go through the pain. My mom said giving birth was the most excruciating thing she’s ever gone through in her life.”

All four of Tori Spelling’s kids arrived via c-section: “One of the biggest misconceptions is that celebrities have C-sections because it’s easier,” she says. “If I had a choice, I would not have. The recovery is much worse.”

Victoria ‘Posh Spice’ Beckham inspired the phrase “too posh to push,” reportedly delivering all four kids via c-section.

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Eh~ I get the fact that women don’t want to go through the pains of child birth, but the pain of child birth is also a connection between mother and child. If it’s not a health risk then I think it everyone should go oh naturale.

Just sayin. :/


Well I think everyone should make that choose themselves.

Just saying : )


Sorry I ment choice not choose. Stupid auto correct


Recovering from a C-section hurts like hell. You can’t walk properly, you can’t stand straight and getting up from from bed or from a chair takes forever. This goes on for days and even weeks. Try that while taking care of a newborn or while breastfeeding. It’s hell.
So no idea where this ‘avoid the pain’ shit comes from

Melissa Harris

AMEN! I could have written this. Major abdominal surgery = painless? Like a vacation from birth? I’ve had both. I much prefer to stay away from the knife if possible!!


This article is irresponsible. It should really explain the dangers and drawbacks of C-sections. I find the comments from Britney Spears or Christina Aguileira ignorant and stupid. I believe it’s wonderful that, nowadays, there is the option of a c-section if there are complications (and I mean REAL complications, not twin births, long labors, fear of pain or Kate Hudson’s “I don’t want to go back home and come back”!!!!) but women have lost common sense.


Perhaps obstetricians should forward patient records to you so you can properly determine who has a REAL reason for wanting a c-section. You can weed out all twin birth mothers, women who have been laboring for days and are exhausted, or are fearful of pain. If they protest that the decision is none of your business, you can explain to them you’re only acting in their best interests.

Alternatively, we could just leave medical decisions as a private matter between a woman and her provider.


This is celeb baby scoop, not a site to educate the masses on the science of c-section vs. vaginal labor.


Angelina didn’t voluntarily do a csection. So why is her picture the main one? Shiloh was breech and then with twins the csection rate is more common because of their position. So she isn’t too posh to push like some other celebs.

I get that some have no choice and an emergency-c is unavoidable. But when you elect it or repeat unneccesary c-sections I don’t get it. It’s such a major surgery I picture recovery being awful, and the risks scare me! I know I had a great vaginal birth with my last Son and am not taking the risk again I can’t imagine not being here with my family..its selfish. A woman in my area recently had her third c section and died days later from complications. I feel sorry for those who need them..kudos to you strong women for handling… Read more »
mrs. trumbell

i love how every time there is a gisele post, the commenters foam at the mouth with rage over her advocating her water birth, but then when the post is NOT about gisele, suddenly the commenters morph into hypocrites before our eyes.

Maybe it’s because you cannot advocate something that sometimes is not under your control, like they way you “should” give birth, or breastfeeding. These women in this article are simply sharing their experience without going all like a dictator telling you how you should do it. She has said things like breasfeeding should be a law, when there are women who CANNOT breastfeed. And natural birth is something not everyone can do because you cannot control your baby’s position or any other situations in your unborn child. It’s Gisele’s choice the way she’s done it, but she has also been… Read more »

You obviously didn’t read any of the comments above with people saying what others “should” do or any of the MYRIAD posts on this site where the comment section is full of women saying that everyone should breastfeed. FUnny, that.


I admit, when I was pregnant with my first, I was scared of giving birth vaginally. I didn’t know what to expect and I worried it would be too painful and traumatic. But, I was even more terrified of a C section and the recovery involved in such a surgery! In the end, I had a vaginal delivery with an epidural and I was calm, comfortable, and it was an all around great birth. Women who choose to have a C section, when other methods are possible and safe, I don’t understand. But, to each her own.


You chose to have an epidural when natural childbirth was possible and safe.

Same thing really. Your choice. Their choise.


I would never OPT for a c-section. Of course if my life or my childs life is in danger then l would not hesitate. I am not an advocate for home or natural births. In fact l think as long as mom and baby are healthy the way they arrive shouldnt matter. However l watched the documentary, The business of being born and it totally changed my own outlook on childbirth!

I had a c-section with my daughter. I was on bed rest for 15 weeks (from week 22 to week 37). I went into labor around 5 am @ 37 weeks 1 day. I was used to having a ton of contractions and not ever going into full blown labor, so I blew them off. Then 12 hours later, my water broke. Another 28 hours after that and I had started getting a fever, so my doctor said it was time for a c-section. They gave me an extra hour, but considering I was only at 4 cm, we all… Read more »
I agree Amy. I am so very sorry other mothers said things that were so insensitive to you. I hope you know that those things are not true, and that the way you bring a child into this world does not define who you are or the kind of mother you will be. Personally, I would never shame another mother for the way she chose, or the way that was chosen for her by her Doctors, to give birth. Isn’t that why so many women crusaded before us…to give us the lawful right to choose and voice on things that… Read more »
Yes, because no one has ever died from natural childbirth or it’s possible complications. Has everyone forgotten why we needed c sections in the first place?…Sometimes a vaginal birth causes serious injury and sometimes even permanent issues, as well as damage to the baby depending on the situations or death to either or both. Meet a precious baby who has cerebal palsy because of an awful vaginal birth and maybe you’ll stop being soo critical of c sections. I know someone who had serious spinal surgery and was advised a vaginal birth could damage her spine and leave her in… Read more »

Great post Tara! I don’t know why ladies try to show vaginal delivery as the best option ever. C section has some complications , so does Vaginal birth. How many of the ladies with vaginal delivery suffered from urinary incontinence and hemorrhoids for years?! The obsession with natural birth putting mothers and babies in danger….

Some people might think im crazy for saying this but I wish I had a c-section..I had my son 22 months ago and still suffering from anal fissures since he was born, I had 5 external hemmoroids and 3 internal hemmoroids since he was born also cuz i pushed for 3 hours with an episiotmoy with forceps and vacuum used, it was torture. I was unable to sit for about 6 weeks! I just had surgery for internal hemmroids..This is my first child and i do not want another one, not if i have to suffer everyday from pain and… Read more »
Ben Jones
To any expected mother out there. Please… *do* your homework. Don’t let un/misinformed A-listers effect your babies future. Humans have been giving birth naturally for thousands of years. The microbacterial exchange during natural childbirth is *essentially* for your babies healthy immune development. The child is at a higher risk of developing numerous noncommunicable diseases later in life if their immune system is not properly seeded with this microbacterial exchange. Asthma, obesity, diabetes, and even improper nerve/brain tissue development may arise… just to name a few. If it’s *not* necessary… don’t take the easy way out. You may be able to… Read more »