Halle Berry & Nahla: Hang Ten

The fun in the sun continues.

Oscar-winner Halle Berry and her 5-year-old daughter Nahla were spotted in Maui, Hawaii on Wendesday (March 27). Joined by Halle’s fiancé Olivier Martinez, the mother-daughter duo enjoyed some shaved ice cones on the sunny afternoon.

The day before, we saw the trio hit the beach while vacationing in the tropical paradise.

The busy actress is enjoying some down time with the family before she starts filming the latest X-Men movie, reprising her role as Storm.

“I am excited. I love Storm,” Halle recently said. “That’s one of my favorite characters that I’ve played. And people love that character as well.”

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI

  • Dap

    Martinez switched its mum jeans for pepaw short. So not sexy.

  • Marie

    I never liked him but every time I look at him now I see Gabriel’s black and blue face and how he kept threatening Gabriel away from Nahla so they could move her to France. These photos are staged to whitewash Martinez’s image and make them look like one big happy family. Sorry, not buying it. Gabriel is Nahla’s dad and its obvious when they’re together how much they love each other. Halle should respect and protect that relationship Nahla has with her REAL father not continue to try to sabotage it for selfish reasons. If Martinez was a REAL man he wouldn’t have said a word to Gabriel and respected that bond and certainly wouldn’t have said anything he knew would anger push his buttons on purpose. How would Martinez feel if the tables had been turned?

    • Mia003

      Feel sorry for Gabriel..because he fights like a GIRL and looks like one too with long flowy hair lol .. If someone hit me or swung at me they would be black and blue too. I will defend myself and I will defend myself good. If you want to let someone beat you up good luck to you because one person in the fight is getting beat up. I am not going to be the one getting beat up. Gabriel had to take anger management classes so he ain’t a saint like you all try to act like. I have never heard of Oliver getting into a fight til now because he doesn’t go around starting fights he just defend himself real good if someone attacks him. I have no reason not to dislike Oliver but I have plenty of reason to diss like that diva Gabreil one of the reason is he uses a woman for money.

      • Ally

        What are they eating it looks gooood! I love Halle!

  • Veep

    Nahla looks every bit of 4ft tall. Surely nothing less tan 45in. That is tall for 5yrs!

  • Kyle

    IS it just the photo angle, or does halle have a little bump?

  • katy

    First you people are so stupid, Halle is an old grandma in Hollywood, she is over 35 and will never be pregnant again, she is to old lazy and mental, who in the hell goes to see a therapist for over 35 years a sick person, second that old ugly man make pretend boyfriend is only hanging around for the kid. He is probably a pervert hanging around that kid, look at that ugly face on her when he puts her on his shoulders. Halle is stupid and slow. You can tell that guy is sick of both of them. When he gets all his money from that mental case he will leave and laugh at both of them. I would never leave my kid alone with a allege weirdo.

    • Anonymous

      Is english your first language? And, I guess stupidity, laziness, craziness, and old age pays well, because Halle is VERY wealthy, beautiful, and still ROCKS a bikini better than girls half her age! And all you have are snarky comments of broken english.

  • Mia003

    Nahla looks like a rat and you can tell she is autistic. I am not picking on her being autistic just telling you all. I don’t think she is pretty. She looks kind of weird.

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