Alyssa Milano & Milo: “Happy Easter”

Some bunny’s a cutie!

In an adorable photo of her baby boy in an Easter costume, Alyssa Milano captioned the above shot via Instagram: “Happy Easter! Love, Milo and Milo’s mama.”

Earlier this month, the Who’s The Boss? alum shared another sweet shot with her son, 19 months, making “funny faces.”

Watch for the actress to light up the small screen again this May in her new ABC show, Mistresses.

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Photo credit: Instagram

  • Tracy

    That’s pretty gay.

  • DJB

    @Tracy So, how is a little baby boy dressing up like a bunny gay? I would really like to hear your explanation for such an asinine comment!

    • Judith T

      and what is even wrong with gay. people should just shut up if they dont have any nice things to say.
      bullying a baby tracy ,wow how brave … not-.-

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