Kourtney Kardashian: Farmer’s Market Fun!

What a cutie!

Kourtney Kardashian and her mom –  Kris Jenner took out the kids and some friends to the Farmer’s Market in Calabasas, Calif. on Saturday (March 30).

Kourtney pushed baby Penelope, while 3-year-old Mason rode on a mini skateboard attached to the base of the stroller.

Kourtney looked cute in a peach top over black cuffed jeans. Kris looked chic in a red blazer, black jeans and bright red Chanel bag.

The mom-of-two browsed around for veggies and herbs, and grabbed some snacks for the kids to eat.

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Photo credit: AKM/GSI

  • CJ

    Mason looks like a little girl here.

  • Anonymous

    What the hell is he wearing? That’s got to be the ugliest outfit and sneakers I’ve ever seen. It does say one thing though…..this family has ZERO style sense.

    • Else

      First off, it is called a ROMPER, not a dress.

      Secondly, that’s the thing about fashion and style: no two people are completely alike in their fashion sense, and the amazing thing about style is that you can experiment and test out different looks, outfits, styles, etc.

      Sorry, sweetheart, but judging by your nasty attitude and how you’re bullying an innocent 3-year-old online, not only do you probably have a horendous, hideous style, but you have a nasty attitude as well. This is how bullies start and i’m pretty sure you are one.

      • PaminPA

        Amen, Else!

      • Anonymous

        Especially the ridiculous gender stereotypes of random strangers on the internet who have nothing better to do than attempt to insult a child.

        Sandra, you need to grow up and stop projecting your nastiness onto others.

  • Sandra

    Okay, this kid needs to get a haircut as he is looking more like a little girl each day. That is such not the cutest of outfits for a little boy, but whatever.

    • Laura

      Most parents want a happy and healthy child, and probably don’t care if their sons hair or clothes don’t fit in with his gender stereotype.

      • Anonymous

        Especially the ridiculous gender stereotypes of random strangers on the internet who have nothing better to do than attempt to insult a child.

        Sandra, you need to grow up and stop projecting your nastiness onto others.

        • Sandra

          Excuse me, but what in the world did I say that was nasty???? I said he needs to get a haircut and it isn’t the cutest of outfits for a little boy!! I do believe that this is being nasty in no such of a way!! Anonymous, I believe you need to get a life and know what words mean before you start typing them down for people to see!! LOL!

          • PaminPA

            The fact that you don’t think it’s nasty to say that this boy looks like a girl is pathetic. Do you think that was a NICE thing to say? Were you trying to compliment him? If your comment wasn’t a compliment, it was in insult…. to a 3-year old. How sad for you.

  • Amy

    There’s kids dying across the world and you people are getting angry over what a kid is wearing or how long his hair is. I guess some people are just too materialistic and forget what really matters in life.

  • Jessica

    Ha At first glance before I read who it was I thought it was Honor Warren. The angle of the picture makes his romper look like a dress. But seriously mason is a cutie!!!

  • SMH

    ok well maybe there is hope for Penelope yet. If this is what Mason looks like at 3 then his little mini me sister may just turn into a very cute little girl.

  • Anonymous

    Else, you have got to be the biggest idiot ever. Bullying? Get real you moron. Leaving comments in a comment section is not called bullying.

    • Anonymous

      Look at the comment below yours….. and tell me THAT’S not bullying.

  • zar55

    Mason looks like a really ugly girl

  • Adrienne

    Loving!! Masons shoes.

  • helen

    Mason seems to be such a sweet and happy child I couldn’t care less what he is wearing! Happy Easter everyone!

  • D

    awe I love little Mason, he’s the only reason to watch the Kardashians shows, at least you know he is genuinely funny and not acting, as he’s only 3!
    I think he actually had a bit of a haircut around his birthday as im sure it was longer, Kourtney obviously likes the longer style (nothing wrong with boys not having short hair). I don’t love the outfit but don’t hate it either. it certainly looks more child appropriate than say Gwen Steffani’s kids clothes, half the time they could barely move in their outfits.

  • Jennifer

    Yes, Mason is cute….but what is he wearing? I’m sorry, but it really looks strange…romper or capri-pants overalls or whatever it is. And the shoes are crazy too. The whole crazy fashion style thing is really getting way over the top for this family.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous @5:54 – tell me you’re pretending because no one can be that stupid. Do you know what bullying means? Is there something wrong with you?

    • PaminPA

      It means picking on someone who cannot defend themselves. It means degrading someone for no freaking purpose. The fact that you don’t see constant, mean-spirited criticism of a 3-YEAR OLD as bullying, makes me pray you don’t have children. Would you tell your kids that it’s okay to say whatever you want about someone, simply because they can’t hear you at the moment?


  • LaKesha

    Maybe Kim’s baby will be cuter.

  • Nella

    I don’t mind Masons long hair but in these pictures he does look like a girl. Mason and Penny are cute. There are cuter babies but they aren’t ugly.

  • Lily-of-the-Valley

    I love his outfit! Must be so comfortable 🙂

  • jacquie109

    and here I am just diggin on this extremely cute stroller!!! wow judgy women, calm down. Your opinion doesn’t matter to anyone but yourself!!!

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