Eric Johnson: A Stroll With Maxwell & Bronx

Exclusive... Bronx Wentz Showing His Love For Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson took Maxwell, 11 months, and Bronx, 4, out for a walk with friends in Los Angeles, Calif. on Sunday (March 31).

Eric looked like he had his hands full – especially with Bronx clinging onto his leg!

Meanwhile he and Jessica Simpson are getting ready for their second child – a boy. The Fashion Star recently said she’s not wearing heels anymore.

She tweeted on March 29: “Practicing walking in flats around my house.”

A source also confirmed to US Weekly, “Jessica is no longer wearing heels.”

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Photo credit: FameFlynet

  • Anonymous

    That hair is absolutely ridiculous.

    • anonymous

      I agree! He’s not a girl.

      • PaminPA

        I’m not sure if you realize that a human’s gender isn’t determined by the length of one’s hair.

  • Em

    That baby is seriously cute. And Bronx has a nice head of hair.

  • Heather

    Wow, Bronx’s hair really has gotten long! I don’t blame them if they are emotionally attached to his long hair. It seriously took a lot for me to finally cut my son’s hair when he was about three and a half. Everyone is different. I love the color of it too!

    Oh, and to the haters earlier, of course they dressed up for Easter, jeez.

    • Lya

      My son used to have hair just like that, beautiful big blonde curls. He was so beautiful. I finally had to cut it when he was 4 because I was feeling bad that everyone though he was a girl and he didn’t like that. It was definitely harder for me than him 🙂

      • Just alarm

        My son had long, golden curls just like Bronx when he was the same age…Unlike my daughter who was more or less bald (invisible hair) until the age of three!!! You gotta enjoy those gorgeous curls while you can because “boy cuts” come soon enough–I totally understand where Ashley Simpson (and Kendra Wilkinson) is coming from! 😉

  • yup!

    bronx is heinous.. sorry, but it’s the hard truth and his gross, unruly hair does nothing to help that fact.

  • Anonymous

    You call that dressing up?

  • Tanisha

    Cut that hair! He looks like a freaking girl…..

    • Anonymous


  • Kristina

    I think his hair is very cute! 🙂

  • cb

    i think he looks unkempt and nasty. doesnt matter whether boy or girl, something should be done about the unbrushed, unruly hair. if it was a girl, would do ponytail or something. but poor kid, you wonder about his parents…..hope he has good nannies that love him and give him attention.

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