Lindsay Lohan Tweets She’s Pregnant

A late April Fools’ Day joke?

Mean Girls star Lindsay Lohan shared an eye-opening message to her 5.7 million Twitter followers early Tuesday. “It’s official. Pregnant…” the 26-year-old troubled actress wrote.

If it was an April Fools’ joke, it was a late one, posted after midnight ET.

On the other hand, if it’s true, Lindsay will be in for an unusual first few months of pregnancy.

She’s been ordered to serve 90 days in a rehab center, and must undergo psychotherapy and perform community service, after pleading no contest to reckless driving and lying to police last June.

Guess which star was recently mistaken for Lindsay when she landed at Newark Airport…read all about it at our sister site Celebrity Teen Scoop.

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  • Ano

    Please let this be a joke!

  • klutzy_girl

    Really hoping it was a (late) joke.

  • Brandi

    This “pregnancy” just might save her life. 9 months, no drugs or alcohol, with plenty of time to think about the life that she wants to give her unborn child. Only time will tell but either way, good luck to her.

    • NYCMommy

      Brandi- thankfully she was just doing a late April fools joke…. However, all women do not get clean and sober during pregnancy. They still drink, smoke and do drugs…. that is reason there are babies with fetal acohol syndrome and other issues.

      • Brandi

        NYCMommy-I totally agree with you. However, I am not one who automatically expects the worst in a situation. I’m glad to see that this was a joke. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Sadly, being pregnant does not guarantee you won’t drink or do drugs for 9mths.

  • wow

    Lol, even a pregnancy would not turn this train wreck around, if anything it would probably be for the worse. Anyway no reasonable man would touch that with a 20ft. pole, it’s likely a joke. Late to the party as usual, Lindsay.

  • Jesse

    I don’t know why people say she’s a train wreck other celebrities do worse yet they aren’t constantly on the media like she is and they aren’t looked upon like train wrecks.

    • CJ

      Seriously? I don’t think any celebrity has done the terrible things she has done. She should still be behind bars and have her tubes tied in my opinion. This woman should never reproduce.

  • Tanisha

    She should not be allowed to reproduce.

  • Kay

    I hate these “I’m pregnant” April fools jokes. The joke is not so funny considering how many women lose their babies through miscarriage, sickness, and accidents. Plus, the added element of a messed up person like Lindsay caring for another, innocent human being is tragedy, not comedy. She needs to go away and get serious help.

  • Destiny

    “I’m sober” would have been a better one.

  • Niko

    Like anyone in his right mind would knock up this trainwreck!

  • popsykl

    it might be the making of her……:) if its true i wish her luck…a baby can put you on the right path

  • B

    A lot of you are so negative. You chose to be automatically cynical. There are worse people out there who shouldn’t reproduce like Casey Anthony.

    • Ashley

      Seriously cynical?? The girl is a total train wreck and hasn’t done anything to clean up her act. She does way worse things then anyone is even aware of So ya the thought of her being pregnant is terrifying even as a joke

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