Get the Look: Mischka Aoki

The Kardashians starts off Easter at Church - Part 2

Penelope wears a Mischka Aoki Dream of a Thousand Flowers Dress – $482.12

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  1. ms. heart

    $482 (!) for something that looks like it should be sitting on top of a toilet paper roll somewhere is Wisconsin.

  2. Elle

    Awe it is gorgeous, we have a similar one.

  3. em

    *died a little* I suppose if you had millions of dollars you might consider wasting like $4 (assuming that $400 is equal to $4 when your a billionare) on a white baby dress that probably got pooped and spitup on within minutes, too. Lol.

    • ms. heart

      any money wasted is wasted money. that wasted money could have gone to someone who would not waste it but needed it, even though I doubt they even paid for it. worst of all, it doesn’t do that poor child any favors, simply hideous!

  4. JesKe

    Did CBS really call this “Get The Look” ???? Who can afford to!?

  5. Tracy

    Must be nice to not have to worry about how much money you spend. Ridiculous!!!

  6. Annonymous

    Bottom line, it’s their money to do with as they please. It’s not their responsibility to ensure that the world is clothed and fed before they can spend some money on themselves.

  7. Sam

    Wow that’s a lot of money for a baby’s dress! She will outgrow that dress fast but i suppose she could pass it onto Kim’s child if its a girl but i am guessing Kim won’t want hand me downs.

  8. laura

    the baby’s face is funny, though!

  9. Anonymous

    em – how old are you that you don’t know the difference between YOUR and YOU’RE???

  10. Anon

    All kids are beautiful and perfect, but I don’t really like the one shoulder look for a cute chubby infant. Its better for a toddler I think. Also spending that kinda money on kids clothes is wasteful to me but then I again I’m poor lol

  11. Elle

    It’s their money but it does seem like a total waste to me. It would’ve look better when she’s walking imo so then you could actually /see/ the dress, not just a big ball of white fabric.

  12. LA Woman

    It’s kind of funny how all these (broke) people are complaining about how much a millionaire spends on her child. I’m not rich, but I can afford to buy nice items. Not everyone has to buy their clothing and their child’s clothing at Walmart, KMart or Goodwill.

  13. Nikki

    That kid needs all the help she can get. Have a feeling she’ll spend her life in $500 outfits. Anything to distract the public from her face. Anyway what else would you expect a Kardashian to spend their money on. Charity? They give back to the community by frequently hair and nail salons on a daily basis. They keep the economy going with their wasteful spending.

  14. DanSy

    I’m sorry but you guys suck! I don’t like the kardashians, but I certainly cannot blame a mother spending money on her kid. It’s her money, she can spend it however she wants to and imagine what a joy is for a mother to be buying dresses for her daughter! I would do the same thing! And the dress is gorgeous! Penelope looks cute!

  15. laura

    Just because everybody feels like they have the right to criticize money choices, I will say what I think about it: first of all, I’m not mad at rich people just because they’re rich and can afford crazy things. If they earned their money honestly they can to whatever they want with it and it doesn’t bother me.

    BUT I do feel like some choices are a bit immoral: it’s ok to buy good quality clothes for your baby and also a lot of things that normal people can’t afford, but it’s not ok, it’s immoral (for MY OWN standards) to buy so so expensive clothes for an elegant dress like that for a baby, a dress which will be pooped on, outgrown in a month and probably worn just once, because I’ve never seen their son Mason wearing the same outfit once (same goes for Jessica Alba)..

    That said, these are my own personal standards, so I don’t really care if other people follow them, but at the same time I feel like I have the right to have an opinion on people, on celebrities.

  16. kamila

    Regardless of what Kourtney buys or doesn’t buy, I think it’s RIDICULOUS for this site, where the majority of the readers have an average income, to be posting this as a Get the Look. Talk about being out of touch with your readers!!

  17. Sophia

    $482 on a hideous white baby dress is so ridiculous it gives me a headache.

  18. Anonymous

    A one shoulder sleeve style on a one year old baby is tacky and trashy, I don’t care how much it cost! It looks like a cheap Christening gown you buy in one of those Mexican clothing stores. What is wrong with this family?! The more I see and hear about them, the more I dislike them… And Kim’s Grecian style maxi was ridiculous too…Do they realize that appropriate dressing for the event and occasion is more important than its cost? Function mean anything??? They just look STUPID!

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