Holly Robinson Peete Blogs About Son With Autism

Fundraising and awareness-raising events are being held across the globe today (April 2), to mark the sixth annual World Autism Awareness Day.

Celebrity mom Holly Robinson Peete is joining in on the efforts. The actress shares a thoughtful blog on Huffington Post about her 15-year-old son RJ who was diagnosed with autism at the tender age of 3. Continue reading about her son who has “exceeded so many expectations.”

“In January of 2000 I heard words that would change my life: “Your son has classic autism.” I remember thinking then — desperately seeking a silver lining — is “classic” a good thing? Like a “classic” car or film? Then the very “bedside-manner challenged” pediatrician who was delivering this news went on to rattle off the many things our RJ would “never” do: talk, make friends, mainstream in school, participate in organized sports (that went over so well with my QB hubby. Kidding. So not kidding.). Oh and she topped it off with this gem: You will never hear him say the words ‘I love you’ unprompted.” Lovely. Thanks, Dr. Dreamcrusher,” Holly writes.

She adds: “It felt as though the bar of his life was lowered to within an inch of the ground. He was just 3.”

The proud mom goes on to talk about her son who has shattered many of the myths.

“Smash cut to: 10 years later — not only had RJ checked all of these “nevers” off his list but he had exceeded so many expectations which had been so easily dismissed by this diagnosis,” she writes. “Be clear, I am fast-forwarding over that decade’s countless challenges, obstacles and dark valleys that have at times been overwhelmingly trying. The journey through denial, public stigma, academic challenges and various other emotional issues were character building at best and drop-to-your-knees painful at worst. However, in the face of jarring statistics our marriage survived where so many don’t. Yay! As a family we fought hard for our boy and he fought for himself. And the fact is that RJ eventually made some friends and he can’t stop telling me he loves me felt like a big fat Powerball win!”

Continue reading Holly’s blog at Huffington Post

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  1. avm

    What horrible doctor would say those things to a parent? Especially after being diagnosed at three? That’s an early enough age to where several different interventions could turn his life around. Good for their family to refuse to believe the doctors’ statements.

  2. CR

    Saw you on fox news. My son is almost nineteen. He too was diagnosed at three. He too went to Smart Start in Santa Monica. He went through public schools in California until we moved to New York to be closer to family. We looked at public schools in New York. Most of them did not come to the caliber we experienced in California. We were lucky to find a private school that was a perfect fit for him. They are teaching him a vacation as well as being there to support the family.
    Recently, most likely due to his hormones, which has been the second hardest stage, the first being ages 4-7, we found him becoming very aggressive, sad, not himself. Our psychiatrist plus the school recommended that we pit him in hospital to figure out his meds. They said he might be there between 1-3 weeks. We got very lucky- it took 36 hours to figure out his problems. They put him on a very low dosage seizure medicine and he is back to himself. A happy loveable kid.
    I also saw that we might be able to get an Ipad for him through autism speaks, can you send me some info.
    Good to unload sometimes

  3. It’s really very much disappointing to listen these type of crap. How can a mental expert says these type of things..?
    Yes, we are celebrating autism awareness day and even month every year.. but it seems like nobody is aware of it.
    People are so much busy in bullying and hating the autistic people!-

    Anna Boyle

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