January Jones & Her Lil’ Lad

January Jones and Xander were seen running errands on Larchmont Boulevard in Los Angeles, Calif. on Saturday (March 30).

The 1-year-old looked like he couldn’t stay still in mom’s arms. The Mad Men actress let him walk a bit before he was picked up by the nanny.

Jones recently talked about her character Betty as a mom in Mad Men – back on small screens on April 7.

She said, “I think she struggles with it. I think a lot of mothers struggle with it. But I think that because of [her] emotional immaturity [Betty] is just not as great at it as some people are. Maybe she thought it was a good idea to be a mother and have children and have this idea of what was expected of her and not everyone is a natural at it. But she tries, I think she’s trying harder. And she wants to be good at it; it’s just not something that comes naturally to her. She was Daddy’s little girl and finds it very hard to be unselfish.”

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Photo credit: FameFlynet

  • Meany


  • kamila

    Maybe it’s tacky but the Hollywood gossip lover side of me really wants to know who the daddy is. I don’t feel she ever has to tell anyone, it’s really her business, but we ALL know we wonder. I think it’s Jason Sudeikis but Bobby Flay is totally a contender out of the 5 men the gossip sites have named. LOL

  • Barbara

    I think its Xander Berkely and she names the boy Xander just to throw people off. The boy is darling but I really dnt like her.

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