Ben Affleck Is On The School Run

Argo star Ben Affleck was photographed with his oldest child, 7-year-old daughter Violet, in Pacific Palisades, Calif. on Wednesday (April 3). Sporting a newsboy cap and shades, Ben was seen dropping off Violet at school.

On Monday, we spotted mama Jennifer Garner and Violet at a playdate. The Dallas Buyers Club actress, 40, recently said that she took no offense to her husband’s off-the-cuff Academy Awards acceptance speech.

“I know Ben, I knew he meant it as the hugest, warmest compliment in the world. I think he was saying, ‘Look, what we have is really real and I value it above all and I’m in it with you and I know you are in it with me.’ That’s the way I took it,” Jen said.

Also parents to daughter Seraphina, 4, and son Samuel, 1, Jennifer went on to say that the paparazzi are an everyday annoyance.

“Seven cars followed me when I left home at seven o’clock this morning,” she shared. “I wish I could say that it doesn’t bother me. But you wouldn’t like it if you had it, and neither would anyone else. They sit outside my house every day. They wait for me at school drop-off and pick-up.”

Watch for Ben to light up the big screen again in his upcoming film, To the Wonder, hitting theaters on April 12.

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Photo credit: FameFlynet/AKM-GSI

  • Anabelle

    I feel bad for Violet. In an image-obsessed place like LA, as she gets older it’s going to be hard on her being the “ugly” sister. x

    • Emily

      She looks like her Mom. Jen has the same ears and tight eyes and she’s beautiful. Most elementary school kids go through a goofy stage at one point anyway…when they have huge teeth and goofy ears, but they “grow into it” and turn out fine! Don’t be so harsh.

    • anonymous

      Do you feel better when you call a seven year old little girl ugly? You’re an adult, act like one.

    • Emma

      Yeah, I feel bad for her too when there are people like you who will criticize her.

    • Jen

      I don’t understand people like this poster who are so harsh about this little girl. I am not one of those people who thinks all kids are gorgeous (everyone comes in different shapes and sizes, that’s what makes life interesting!) but I would never, ever, EVER say a child was ugly. Have some empathy and compassion- what if you were this little girl and happened to come across these comments on your own? Imagine how that would make you feel! She seems like such a sweet, happy little girl and I think people who get on here and call her names are so childish. Put yourself in this childs shoes- or even more so, your OWN childrens. How would you feel if they came across something criticizing their looks on the internet? When you post nasty stuff, it contributes to bullying and the image obsessed culture kids struggle with nowadays. This child is happy and that is ALL that matters. And the fact that she is happy makes her pretty. I hope she grows up knowing that. It really sucks that posters like you can even see a kid as “ugly” at all. Kinda says more about you than her!

  • Anonymous

    Her teeth may change when all her other adult teeth grow in and that will take care of the “gap” but nothing will change with those ears unless she has them pinned back.

  • cb

    she will outgrow her awkward stage.. look at joliepitt kids – omg, they have been in awkward stage since they were born. coco arquette has been for a few yrs too. come on people, you know kids go through growth spurts and stages, they cant be gorgeous all the time……lol.

  • zxcvbnmasdfghjklqwertyuiop

    Ben had some gnarly looking teeth when he was younger and before he got them fixed so if she takes after him, she will need dental work as well.

    And cb – what’s wrong with the Jolie Pitt kids?

  • Anonymous

    Ben had nasty teeth too.

    • sicktothebackteeth

      Let me guess, you know him from 4th grade and sat next to him in Mrs. Brown’s class?

  • Anonymous

    Jen, I dout Violet is reading comments on celebrity baby scoop. Don’t get so dramatic.

  • KitKat

    I think Violet is very pretty and I love seeing photos of her smiling! Such a sweet and genuine child!!

  • Anonymous

    Sicktothebackteeth – are you that stupid? If you don’t understand that comment, you need help because you obviously have NO common sense.

  • Tee

    She looks very cute today. She looks most like her mom when she’s smiling.

  • Elle

    Everyone here has something mean to say. She is 7 she is a happy kid and that makes her beautiful. Everyone said once the Oscars were over that Ben wouldn’t be out with them anymore, well guess what?? He is still around.

  • Sophia

    I know a lot of people think Violet is “awkward looking” or that she’ll “grow into her looks”, but I honestly think she is such a beautiful little girl, not to mention the thousand-watt smile she’s almost always sporting. It’s kind of messed up to call a 7-year-old ugly.

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