Perez Hilton Introduces Newborn Son

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Controversial celebrity blogger Perez Hilton made an important announcement of his own on Twitter recently: He’s a dad!

Mario Armando Levandeira, III—or Perez Hilton, Jr.—was born on Feb. 16, and already enjoying the perks of being Perez’s son, including receiving an autographed children’s books from Madonna and a bouquet of flowers from Justin Bieber.

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  1. Anonymous

    He looks like a cross between Nick Stahl and Ron Perlman.

  2. arabella

    he really freak me out.

  3. anonymous

    Oh please. It’s just a baby and he’s cute.

  4. Jenn

    Anon, I think they’re talking about Perez,lol

  5. denise

    Best wishes to you on your newborn son. Enjoy every second!!! They grow up so fast.

  6. Elle

    Isn’t this old news now? He’s posted ton of pics of his baby already over the past few weeks

  7. Old News

    everything on this site is either old news or Jennifer Garner related. BTW, did she get coffee today? I need to know!

  8. Anonymous9

    I wonder if this will make him less of an a-hole.

  9. Tee

    His dad is ugly, hopefully he’ll be better!

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