Kate Middleton Is Pretty In Plaid

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton, were seen arriving at the Emirates arena in Glasgow, Scotland on Thursday (April 4). Covering her barely there baby bump, a smiley Kate looked chich in a flared skirt, high-heeled boots and Moloh plaid coat.

During their travels, the royal couple – who expect their first child in July – paid a visit to a homeless shelter and the Dumfries House.

Kate is bringing back the coat!

During her first pregnancy, the Duchess has made several public appearances donning chic outerwear. On March 20, Kate looked lovely in a blue Marlene Birger coat and black beret. To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, the mom-to-be sported a knee-length Emilia Wickstead green coat, accessorized with a black hat and gold shamrock pin. And on March 15, she wore a short camel-colored coat that covered her growing baby bump.

The list goes on. Click here for more on Kate’s chic maternity style.

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  • A.

    She is so classy, elegant, beautiful!

  • Mia

    Now I know who stole my tent…

    • Mia

      Woops. This comment was supposed to go under note about Kim Kardashian.

      Kate looks beautiful and classy 🙂

      • mrs. trumbell


  • Iris

    Glasgow is in Scotland, UK not in Ireland. She looks lovely!

  • Bar

    Her legs look great, I am envious. Her pregnancy seems to be progressing much more slowly than Kimye’s, even though they’re “coincidentally” due within a month of each other. Her tummy is smaller, or at least better dressed.

    • jo

      It helps that she’s naturally tall & slim whereas Kim is short & curvy.

  • Ano

    Kim looks much healthier than Kate. Kate is way too skinny. Imo.

    • Louise

      Are you kidding…?

      • Kay

        Sadly, it’s not a joke. I think Kate is really underweight; I would not be surprised if her baby is a preemie and/or is low weight, too.

        • annefan

          Her weight doesn’t mean anything. I weigh 48kg and my daughter (born a week before my due date) weighed 3,4kg at birth, not a small baby!!

      • anon

        Louise –
        Obviously you have not followed Kate for long or have a short memory, but she lost a drastic amount of weight before her wedding and despite the pregnancy, is still a shadow of her former self. She used to be the picture of health– slim, but athletic, then she became quite emaciated.

    • suz

      Kate may be skinny, but there’s nothing healthy about Kim, she’s disgusting. You don’t have to get fat when you’re pregnant in order to have a healthy baby.

  • taylor

    I think Kate is having a girl.there are picture of her and Camilla shopping for pink clothes a pink stroller.and there are rumors that the baby name is Elizabeth Diana Carole.

  • SMH

    Very classy & beautiful. Some women carry small. Take notes Kim!

  • Jennifer

    Kate is beautiful…always classy, always looking so lovely….and she is naturally a thin framed person…so I’m not surprised she is carrying small. She looks great! Kim….whoa. Bada-bing, bada-boom!

    • cynthia

      Sorry Jennifer, but as others have patiently been trying to point out, Kate is NOT naturally this thin. She’s never been heavy or plump, but lost a considerable amount of weight around the time of the engagement and became a walking talking skeleton. Any shots of her prior to 2011 clearly show the difference.

      • Jennifer

        Sorry Cynthia… But I still think she always looked thin to me.

  • Kay

    Why do people say she’s “naturally” a thin framed person? Yes, obviously she is not curvy but if you see pics of her when she was in college, she had a much healthier, more athletic frame. She seems to get slimmer by the year. Princess Diana had an eating disorder to cope with the pressure, I would not be surprised if Princess Kate has an issue as well. Certainly all the attacks on Kim Kardashian’s weight shows the unfair and hypocritical standards that both women and men hold for pregnant women. And no, I’m not a defender of the Kardashians by any means, but all the criticism levied against her body seem like it could easily turn against all women.

    • anon

      ITA – see my response to Louise, above.

  • Anabelle

    There is nothing classy and beautiful about Kate. She lives off tax payers money and supports animal cruelty in the form of “sport”. She’s disgusting.

    • Devyn

      Thank you! This woman is put on a pedestal for marrying into the biggest welfare family in the world. Seriously, what purpose does royalty serve in a modern society. The sycophantic praise of these people is nauseating.

  • Jen

    Is she gaining any weight with this pregnancy?!

    • sandie

      Poster child for pregorexia…

  • Doreen

    Gosh…some just don’t gain that much weight during there pregnancy. I had a baby 7 months ago and you could not tell that I was expecting until I was 8 months pregnant. I had such a tiny belly! And by the way…I was really eating for two!…maybe more. I was eating healthy, most of the time…I only gained 12 pounds.

  • Chris

    So every pregnant woman should look fat or obese and gross? That’s so sad.
    I guess that women who are fat or obese always will be so and they happily look gross.

    Kate looks beautiful and healthy. I can’t stand her as a person.

  • Jennifer

    I am sure she is very healthy. She obviously would have the very best health care provided for her and this royal baby, so I know the doctors would be keeping her in the very best of hands.

  • Madame Joy

    It will be nice to see her a little fuller, although I have a friend who never seemed to fill out at all, just had a belly that protruded, and soon after the baby was born went right back to her normal self. Babies were healthy and so was she, everyone’s different I guess, because for me it looked as if my baby was growing in my bottom.

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