KayCee Stroh Celebrates Baby Shower

High School Musical star KayCee Stroh was tickled “blush pink,” her color of choice, at her recent baby shower, thrown by Anya Sarre, Renee Simlak and Sharon Helfand. The posh party spared no details — from customized invitations by Anders-Ruff, blooms by Sky Flowers, and swag from Daddy Scrubs and Belly Bandit.

At the fun LA-based event, KayCee opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her shower that left her feeling “really blessed.” She went on to talk about impending motherhood, and preparing for the delivery with a doula. Celebrity stylist Anya Sarre also chatted about the joys of new motherhood and her plans for Mother’s Day.

CBS: What have you enjoyed most about your baby shower today?

KS: I am kind of a people pleaser. The best part about this is looking around and seeing that the people I love who love me and support me, my husband, and this little baby, are all being pampered. I love that, because I feel like I am really blessed in this industry and I get pampered and get to feel special all the time. When I go to the Emmy’s, I get my hair and makeup done, and I want other people to experience that. I love that everyone here is getting pampered from all these great vendors.

CBS: What are you looking forward to the most in becoming a mom?

KS: “Oh my gosh, that is a very loaded question! I think that it is an incredible experience, especially to a husband and a wife, to bond over something that you created together. You’ll both help raise and shape a life. I think that’s such a miracle to me. I’m scared, as it is a lot of responsibility, but at the same time I am excited to shape a life and send it out on it’s way to experience life.”

CBS: Do you know if you are having a boy or a girl?

KS: “It is a little girl. We have a few names picked out and we will know when we see her. We’ve got it, you’ll know soon.”

CBS: How are you preparing for the delivery?

KS: “Oh my goodness, I’m preparing by waking up every morning at 5 a.m. panicking. [laughs] Ben and I took a birthing class and a breast-feeding class to help me feel a little bit more secure about what is going on in my body and how to face this. I am also doing a lot of relaxation storytelling.

Being an actress, it works extra well for me. The doula coaxes you through these stories and makes you go there in your mind and breathe through it so you are not focused on the pain you’re having. You close your eyes and imagine what it feels like and what it smells like, kind of like a distraction. A lot of the people in the birthing class were like, “This is so weird, whatever.” However, I thought it was great, because that’s what I do. I am a storyteller and I get it. I think it will really help me.”

CBS: Have you received parenting advice from other celebrity moms?

KS: “I have, actually. The best advice that I heard was to be careful of other people’s advice, because it will make you feel like you are doing everything wrong. You know your baby more than anyone else so follow your intuition. This advice came from the Tisdale family.”

CBS: Have you had any crazy pregnancy cravings?

KS: “I’ve been so lucky! I think I’ve been pretty good. The one thing I eat when I’m nauseous and nothing sounds good is macaroni and cheese. [laughs] I’m not even a big mac & cheese person so whenever I’m craving it I’m like, “I don’t know why that sounds good! There’s absolutely nothing nutritious in that, that does not help me!” [laughs] I always add chicken to it, so I eat mac & cheese & chicken, which is so weird.”

Anya Sarre also opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop.

CBS: What are some of the highlights of KayCee’s baby shower for you?

AS: “I am really excited for KayCee to have the perfect, magical celebrity shower. We have such great vendors here and the gift bag is insane. There’s Magnolia Cupcakes with her logo printed on them and all these great people came out. I’m really excited for KayCee to experience this wonderful day.”

CBS: How do you plan to celebrate your first Mother’s Day with Sawyer?

AS: “That’s a great question! I actually haven’t thought about it too much but I need to. I think I will spend Mother’s Day with Sawyer on the beach in Malibu. It will be a very special day if we walk on the beach and maybe go to brunch. I am looking forward to it.”

CBS: How has your life changed the most since becoming a mom?

AS: “Wow, it is all about balance. When I am working I am working, and when I am at home I am with him. It’s also about figuring out how to take him with me places. Last night I went to get a spray tan and I tried to take him with me, but it didn’t go too well. I learned my lesson! [laughs] It’s really about making the moments count and just loving it all.”

CBS: What motherhood lessons have you learned that you might want to share with expectant mommies?

AS: “I dressed KayCee for today and we had a fitting yesterday. I gave her a lot of advice during our fitting. The biggest lesson is to cherish those first few months, because you can never get them back. Don’t try to write your thank-you notes and don’t try to send emails. Just be there with your baby.

Another great lesson, too, is to make every moment count. Spend your time with your baby and make sure you really connect with him or her. Another lesson is don’t try to be perfect. You can’t do it all. You can try and I try, I am an example of that, but something’s going to give. Someday, somewhere, and that’s okay.”

CBS: What else do you have coming up?

AS: “What don’t I have coming up? [laughs] I have so much fun stuff I am working on right now. I am hosting a ton of events, doing a lot of magazine stuff, and working on a new jewelry thing that I can’t tell too much about now, but it’s very exciting. Of course, lots of projects that I will keep you posted on.”

What does Mother’s Day mean to you?

AS: “Mother’s Day has always been about honoring my mom and her for everything, but I guess this Mother’s Day is about celebrating my baby and I. That’s a new, special thing I am looking forward to and I can’t wait!”

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