Jada Pinkett-Smith Fuels the ‘Open Marriage’ Rumors

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As long as tabloids have existed, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith have dodged the rumor that they have an “open marriage.”

This rumor existed before they even got together, probably, we don’t know! But what’s worse, Jada just tried to shoot down the rumors but ended up just making it totally seem like they have an open marriage.

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  • Marie

    I think open marriage is more harmful to marriage than whatever people find harmful in same sex marriage.

  • AJ

    Wow, we really do think that EVERYTHING about a celebrity’s life is our business now, don’t we?

    • Anonymous

      To be honest Jada put her privet life out there when she went on talk shows and wrote a book about her and Will’s sex life.

      • AJ

        True, fair enough. It still never fails to surprise me what we know (or speculate about) about famous people!

  • Tiffany

    I didn’t read that as they have an open marriage. I read that as Will is a grown man and can do what he wants. If he chooses to be faithful to his wife, great. If he cheats on her, he won’t be able to look himself in the mirror because of the tremendous guilt. She is just saying that she is a trusting wife and knows what kind of man he is and knows that he will do what’s right. Just because a woman doesn’t have a death grip on her husband, doesn’t mean they have an open marriage. People just read into it and get what they want out of it. They WANT to believe a couple together as long as they have been, in a world (Hollywood) where marriages do not last, that they must be up to no good.

  • SMH

    Dont get married if you want to have other relations especially if you have children. I have a relative that tried this method and it failed miserably. They thought it would spice up their love life. Now they are divorced after 21 yrs of marriage!!

  • mrs. trumbell

    who cares if they do? it’s nobody else’s business what kind of marriage they want to have.

  • Elle

    Why comment?

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