Halle Berry Is Pregnant!

Update: It’s true! Oscar-winner Halle Berry and her fiancé, fellow actor Olivier Martinez, are having a baby. “I can confirm that Halle and Olivier are expecting a child,” her rep confirms to PEOPLE.

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Halle Berry is pregnant! TMZ reports the 46-year-old actress is three months along and knows it’s a boy.

A source told the gossip site that Halle was feeling sick and was complaining she had gained a little weight. Days later she found out she was pregnant.

The actress and fiance Olivier Martinez were recently on vacation in Hawaii with Nahla for Easter weekend. Berry was seen wearing loose clothes on the trip but kept mum on her condition.

Both of their reps have not confirmed the news.

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  • klutzy_girl

    I thought she was looking pregnant at the Oscars and these past few weeks, tbh.

    Congratulations, I guess.

    • Anonymous

      “Congratulations, I guess” – what does that even mean??

      • SMH

        It means this is a reported rumor so we don’t even know if it’s true or not. Therefore congratulations is a bit preterm.

        • Anonymous

          That’s not what she meant. The same poster stated below that it’s “true”.

          • SMH

            earlier it was a rumor I’m only hearing now it has been confirmed.

  • Estella

    wouahh that’s so suprising and shoking.
    i hope everything is going to be ok for her and her baby. She’s a little bit old to have a child
    because in real life, having a kid over your 40 can be dangerous for both mother and child so i wish her luck.

    • Jen

      Umm…this IS real life, honey.

      • Selena

        I think she was referring to the “Celebrity world” Vs. “Our World”. (Just a guess…)

    • Older mom

      She doesn’t need your luck, dear. She has considerable financial resources to get the best health care and to hire all the help she needs. Tsk. tsk.

  • DoesntMatter

    Congrats! I hope her and Olivier last and he can get his temper under control before becoming a father.. I also hope they can all be cordial (Gabriel included) for the kids sake.. Cant wait to see this baby!

  • Wow. A woman with serious social issues (at best), who also happens to suffer from a serious form of diabetes (her own words) is pregnant again at 46. Forgive me if I can’t get excited about this one (not all women who get pregnant deserve to be congratulated en masse).

    Naturally I hope for the best for the child, but as Halle’s history has consistantly and faithfully proven, it is only a matter of time before she and Olivier break up and she accuses him of having been “abusive” to her in some way in their relationship be it mental, emotional or physical (see Eric Benet et al).

    Of COURSE true abuse is a very serious issue that deserves recognition, but unfortunately, there are some ppl in life-as Ms. Berry seems to be-who suffer from a perpetual case of chronic victimhood, always pointing their finger and never accepting responsibility for the err of their own ways. Not a single one of us on this planet is totally faultless.

    • Anonymous

      Really. Get a clue and a life. You have way too much free time.

      • Anon

        Well written Really. This woman is nuts and should not have custody of any child. David Justice abused her, then Eric Benet, then Gabriel. At some point the problem is her. Let’s not even start with the hit and run. It is called personal responsibility. Poor child. Gabriel sit tight, eventually when she turns on Olivier, you will receive full custody of your child.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, you guys keep waiting on all of that to happen. In the mean time, Halle and Olivier (whether they make it or not) will go on being extremely wealthy, successful, and continue having fun, and frustrating bored and envious biddy’s like you two sourpusses.
          At least Halle knows how to move on with her life, too bad Gabe continues to cling to his daughter for attention. Though I have NO doubts that he loves her endlessly, and is a good father. But don’t forget, he has had many violent outbursts before and after Halle.

          • laura

            Mmmm, the only violent outburst we all saw was the one olivier had on gabriel last year, when he kind of destroyed gabriel’s face and his own hands..
            That’s what we know for sure, the rest is yet to prove.

    • laura

      I agree. The difference between Gabriel and Olivier is that of Olivier’s violent behavior we all had proofs long before this baby was conceived.
      But I guess Halle’s life is Halle’s choice, so best wishes!

    • LA Woman

      Well said. Even though Halle has a laundry list of emotional issues, I wish her the best (health wise) and her unborn child. Her current beau seems like a bit of a hot head. I think she picks these types of men in order to have a reason to feel like a victim when things don’t work out. I really hope her two children don’t grow up to be emotionally scarred.

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations to Halle and Olivier. I’m sure it will be a beauty just like Nahla. I wasn’t even aware that you could get pregnant at 46. Gives women like me hope to keep trying, I suppose.

    • Anonymous

      I’m guessing at 46 there was significant medical intervention such as IVF, etc. Who knows though, it is possible it was natural.

      • popsykl

        yep ivf….and sex selection

  • cb

    this is not an accidental pregnancy. at her age, she more than likely had a little help getting pregnant (ivf, fertility drugs). i am not saying it doesnt happen, just rare at her age. with her diabetes and age, seems to me would be a high risk pregnancy.
    but i wish her well.

  • Lola

    Why does this make me so happy?? I don’t even like her. (But I thought she looked pregnanttoo. Well let’s wait until she confirms it)

    • klutzy_girl

      PEOPLE confirmed and they’re extremely reliable, so it’s true.

      • cynical cynth

        And People is the gospel of truth?? Did Halle’s pr hack confirm to them or are their sources confined to TMZ, that paragon of journalistic integrity?

        • Older mom

          FYI — People has revised its original post and now says that her rep confirmed it — originally they were quite vague and went with “multiple (unnamed, of course) sources”.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if this is why she decided to work thing out with Gabriel because they are having a baby of there own.

  • I usually read only and enter giveaways on this sight but I could not refrain from posting after this shocking announcement. Bringing life is truly miraculous and such a precious gift. I often wonder once one becomes advanced maternal age which deems a pregnancy high-risk at this point anyway over and beyond 40 just how safe and healthy pregnancy can be irregardless of celebrity status and wealth and the assertion of her health condition if it is so that she’s diabetic. I do also wish her a safe, and happy, healthy pregnancy and delivery. I purposely interjected celebrity and wealth because all too often the mention of these things when people are famous and rich seems to make people think that these type of people defeat all norms and odds and that’s just not so.

    • LA Woman

      Your post is well written and intelligent. I’m not sure why so many people gave you a thumbs down. Maybe it’s because we live in a society where everyone thinks people can do whatever they want, regardless of the end results and no matter who it affects.

  • Tracy

    You can’t tell the sex at 3 mos.

    • Anonymous

      You can if you had vitor it’s called pre-implantation genetic diagnosis in which they can choose the sex of your baby yourself.

    • annefan

      You’re wrong… My OB was able to confirm I was expecting a girl, just before the end of my first trimester……

      • Tracy

        Um I just read that fetuses have a genital tubercule that later turns into the penis or clitoris & you can’t tell which because the sex organs haven’t matured yet.

        • Zelda

          I would think they made the checks for chromosomes abnormalities at 12 weeks, including amniocentesis, which can determine the baby’s sex 100%

    • Destiny

      Can’t they check for chromosomes for baby’s sex and also for potential abnormalities??

      • emily

        After the age of 35, if you become pregnant you are considered “advance maternal age” which means that insurance takes care of all prenatal test such as CVS (as early as 10 weeks) which can deternine the amount of chonosomes (if the fetus is normal or has downes syndrome) and determine the sex of the baby (XX or XY). So it is possible at a merely 11 weeks pregnant that you know the sex of your unborn child thru the CVS test.

        • Zelda

          Exactly what I meant above. You can determine the sex with genetic tests at around 12 weeks or earlier

          • LA Woman

            Finding out the gender of an unborn child and “determining” the sex are two different things. No one can determine or choose the gender of their child.

    • I had an u/s a few weeks ago when I was about 12 weeks and I know what I am having. Also there is a blood test (MaterniT21) to test for down syndrome, spina bifida, and a few other chromosome issues that can be done starting at 11 weeks that is 99% accurate for determining the gender so yes you can know what gender you are having at 3 months.

      • anonymous

        Halle would have had all sorts of tests done and I would think this is a healthy baby. You can tell the gender by 12 weeks now. Why not be happy for them and wish them well? They obviously get along great together. Such negativity.

      • Katherine

        My husband used to work for the company that came up with the MaterniT21 test. We knew at 9 weeks pregnant that I was having a girl.

    • Dana

      You can confirm sex at 10 weeks now with new genetic blood testing. I did it and it was correct.

    • LA Woman

      If certain tests are performed during the first trimester, such as the CVS (to check for abnormalities) and other similar screens, those can determine gender.

  • Amy

    And now Olivier’s shelf life begins… a few years down the road, he will be in Gabriel’s position. Halle will be crying abuse and Olivier will have to fight tooth and nail to be around his child. This woman doesn’t want these men in her life for nothing, she wants to make a beautiful baby with them and then push them away so she can have the baby to herself. I wouldn’t be surprised if in 2-3 years – we see Gabriel and Olivier befriending each other and fighting on the same side for each of them to gain more access to their own children. One child’s father saying the mother is crazy, etc. isn’t a deal breaker. But TWO?!? Halle will be done and her truth will come to light.

    • Anonymous

      If she only wanted a man to make a beautiful baby with I doubt she’d have waited until she was 46 to do so.

    • Meany

      Would you shut up?

  • Faith

    Congrats Halle&Oliver I hope you will have a healthy pregnanancy & baby!!!!

    • Faith

      BTW, FYI There are women who have babies in their 40s & 50s

  • Marie

    I agree with ‘Really’. I do and really hope this relationship lasts and not end up as all her other relationships, especially with the man being the “bad” one as usual and she the victim. We’ve all seen how Olivier is as a temperamental guy, so it would be easy for her after a breakup to claim he’s abusive (again). But of course, i hope not and she’ll have a stable life with him.

    On another note, you may say what you want, but 46 is much older than our “new” biological clock. I know many women are having kids in their 40s, but when it’s passed 45, the risks of problems increase by the minute. Nancy Grace, Monica Bellucci, Kelly Preston had kids in their mid/late forties, but still ladies, that doesn’t mean it’s safe to do it. And by the way, 3 months is kinda soon to tell the sex of the baby isn’t it?

    All the best luck to her and the baby.

  • Anonymous

    TOLD YA SO!!!! CONGRATS TO SHE AND OLIVIER! And especially Nahla! Wish her a smooth and uneventful pregnancy!

    • Anonymous

      Who are you talking to??

    • Sara

      Wow, grammar is a dead art, huh?

      • anonymous

        Yes, it certainly is a dead art. I would be ashamed to not even know the difference between “their” and “there.”

  • Ano

    It’s confirmed. Congrats-

  • Shirelle

    If she is congrats let’s hope she don’t leave this man now that he has given her what she wanted

  • Dotspot

    That is going to be one baby that wont be splashed all over magazine covers. I remember there were no photos of Nahla until she was around 6 months. Congrats to them.

  • annie

    Why do all the posts that say she PROBABLY had help getting pregnant get so many thumbs down? The woman is 46 for crying out loud, it is not that common for women of that age to get pregnant naturally. I do not understand why a comment suggesting she might not have gotten pregnant naturally get so many thumbs down, I bet many people thought the same thing

    • Anonymous

      Because commenters on this site “like” or “dislike” a comment based soley on their opinion of who the the story is about, not the comment itself. Makes no sense whatsoever.

    • Samyra

      I think it has to do with people being a tad bit over so much negativity. Enough people find your joy. Find your temporary joy if that’s all you have for now. All people need to practice saying ten nice things before they say a negative so they can gain a new perspective on things. I wish you all prosperous and joyful days

      • annie

        Still, the comments these people make are not negative. They don’t say: “She’s a bad person because she probably didn’t get pregnant naturally”, do they?
        It seems, however, that this is how many people perceive these comments.
        I don’t deny that there are a lot of negative comments on here, but there are also people who see everything as a negative comment, which may not be intended that way.

        • Anonymous

          It’s simply stupid and presumptous to speculate about HOW someone became pregnant. That’s why people get annoyed by the comments.

  • Mary

    I thought she was based on how she was dressed in Haiwaii and kept covering her stomach. I know her little girl wanted a sibling so wish them the best, she will have yet another beautiful child.

  • Runnergirl

    I don’t like either one of them. Sorry, just don’t. They both seems nuts. I love how they had to say the baby was conceived naturally. Women over the age of 45 have a 1% change of conceiving naturally with their own eggs. Not saying it can’t happen but it’s highly improbable. When I was pregnant, I didn’t run around saying “it was natural! no drugs!”.

    • Anonymous

      Because nobody cared or dared to presume to speculate on HOW you got pregnant.

  • Brandi


  • Kim

    Poor thing, she really is sick, attention, all that therapy is not helping. Two bastard kids, wow she has a lot explaining to do to God. What a fruit cake. Money don’t make it right, anything to make the father jealous. What a sick person. I bet she is looking in the mirror right now talking to herself,..”I need attention”….I look better than all the other old hags in Hollywood”,,,,,,,lol.

    • Sweetpea

      Sick person? The only sick person is you. How dare you talk so bad about two innocent children? Get help.

    • anonymous

      You are a jealous, lonely loser…….your comment gives you away.

    • May

      “bastard kids”? Where are you, 17th century France? For heaven’s sake, what kind of person still uses that word? It’s rude, disrespectful and completely outdated. I hope to God that your circumstances don’t bring you children, because nobody deserves to be raised by a person like you.

  • Elektra

    So happy for Halle and Olivier and of course Nahla. Good news indeed!

  • Albus

    I don’t know. Congrats and best wishes. But somehow i see Olivier and Gabriel having a beer together in like…2 years? or less.

  • kamila

    What’s with all the Halle stans freaking out and giving all thumbs down for any post that DARES to criticize Halle or mention her age? You guys are being crazy! Take. It. Easy. It’s the internet and it’s a person you don’t even KNOW.

    Now, go ahead and give me all your thumbs downs! Who knew Halle had so many fans? She’s a psycho. Wait til Olivier dumps her and she starts accusing him of abuse too.

  • courtney

    oh please the fact that it’s her second makes it easy to believe it was a natural conception Barry Gibb’s wife had their youngest child when she was 51. sure the child has some issues blindness but those can happen in younger mothers also. congrats to them due to her age she had Chorionic Villi Sampling or Amniosantisis to screen for abnormalities and it also determined the sex of the baby

  • May

    Planned or not, these are great news and I wish them all the best.

  • Anonymous

    Do all stunningly beautiful women bring out the ravenous envy in you ladies, or is it just Halle who you’re all so jealous of? Such nasty comments about someone you don’t even know. Lucky for her she doesn’t have the time to sit at her computer and bitch about all of our personal lives.

    And I’ll bet that if she weren’t a specific ethnicity, you’d all cut her at least some slack.
    You’re constand vitrol makes me wonder. Hmmm.

    • Runnergirl

      Oh yeah, soooo jealous. Nothing to do with her race (why did you have to go there!!!) When Holly Hunter, Geena Davis, Nancy Grace, etc. etc were pregnant., the same questions were raised. Add in the fact that Halle has had a chaotic life (not speculation, it has been widely reported on) and it makes people wonder.

      • Anonymous

        If you were speculating on the relationship status and conception methods used by Holly Hunter, Geena Davis, Nancy Grace, etc., then you were an idiot then, too. Why do you care so much about the minute details of these people’s lives?

  • An33

    Some women can naturally become pregnant that late in life…..I think they are dubbed “pre-menopause pregnancies” or “change of life pregnancies”. They are, of course, mostly surprise pregnancies, since most women have very low/non-existent fertility at this point.

    My great-aunt had her last child at the age of 46 about a decade ago and I still remember everyone’s shock about it.

  • Dap

    So she’s making a baby with a man who doesn’t want to live in the US while she is forbidden by family court to move abroad. Only H.Berry can think it’s a good idea.

  • Doreen

    She is just so beautiful! Congrats.

  • Kiara

    Congratulations to Halle! I genuinely hope that things go well for her and Olivier.

    An ancestor of mine in the early 1800s died, at the age of 50, giving birth to her last baby (the child survived and was healthy). At that time, her next-youngest child was 7 or 8 years old. My family has always referred to this as a “change-of-life baby” and accepted that they happen sometimes, right when menopause is starting. If this truly happened naturally, I would guess that it is a “change-of-life baby”, like my ancestor had.

  • coco


    This is what comes out from a google image research of “olivier martinez”.
    Two main things emerge: first, he’s a violent man, just look at how he reduced gabriel aubry’s face.
    second, when he was young he was sooooo hot! Damn, Halle, how can you always snatch yourself the hottest guys?

  • Toya

    The nerve to use GODS name then spew such vile… Just WOW .. Even GOD must be SHH ..

  • LA Woman

    It’s interesting to me that there are so many thumbs down regarding comments about Halle Berry’s age, especially when the comments aren’t even rude. Let’s face it, most women DO NOT get pregnant naturally at 46! Some are grandmothers at that age. I don’t have a personal problem with Halle’s decision (it’s none of my business), but there’s no need for people to be offended because others are shocked that a woman of her age is pregnant!

    • Anonymous

      Why would anyone even care how she got pregnant?

  • Michael

    I think we can pretty much agree that “anonymous” is Halle or her mother. LOLOL Just when I thought I couldn’t think any less of her……

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