Ike Barinholtz & Wife Expecting Baby No. 1

Congratulations to The Mindy Project’s Ike Barinholtz and his wife Erica Hanson who are expecting a baby girl in July.

The actor and comedian told US Weekly, “I am reading a couple of books. I need like, a baby comic book. A great graphic novel would be so much more fun. But other than that I think I got it. I got a couple kids running around somewhere — no, I’m kidding! That’s a joke! I don’t have any kids. This is my first one.”

He also added they are currently working on the nursery.

“We’re looking at a little bit of blue. We don’t want to go pink. Blue, I think. It’s kind of cool.”

As for baby names he added, “My wife and I just started arguing about [baby names] recently, so we haven’t even had a top three. Uh, Nicki Minaj Barinholtz, Carrie Underwood Barinholtz, Randy Jackson Barinholtz — and not Randy, the full name Randy Jackson. We do have name books, but they’re boring. Just literally a list of names.”

Being in the entertainment industry – he doesn’t want his daughter to follow his footsteps.

He admitted, “It would be terrifying and I don’t know if legally you’re allowed to do it and I would not wish that upon her! I want her to be put away from all of this!”

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  • klutzy_girl

    His character is my favorite on The Mindy Project.

    Congratulations to them!

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