Four Questions To Ask Before Baby Comes

A lot of things will change once your baby arrives. You’ll feel zonked. You’ll spend a lot of time thinking about poop. And you’ll learn to dissect the nuances of a cry with the precision of sonar. Another big change: You’ll feel as if you have a meaningful conversation with your partner about once every two years.

That’s why it’s especially important to take some time to talk to your partner about the parenting and life strategies that you’ll use for your newborn—before he or she is born. FitPregnancy’s latest article addresses a handful of important questions for you and your spouse to consider, things like this:

What kind of pediatrician do we want?

Both of you should be involved in the picking of a baby doc. That means getting references from other parents, interviewing possible doctors and talking about what kind of pediatrician you want, in terms of how he or she handles health issues or how the office is run (which may be very important if both of you will be responsible for taking the child in for sick visits amid work schedules).

Nothing says you can’t change pediatricians if you don’t mesh well after a few visits, but before you make a decision, talk to your partner about what qualities are important.

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