Lily-Rose Depp: L.A. Social Scene

Lily-Rose Depp and her friends went shopping in West Hollywood, Calif. on Sunday (April 7). The nearly 14-year-old wore all white with black ankle boots.

On March 26 she was also seen with pals heading out for lunch at Pinches Tacos and frozen yogurt in Los Angeles. The teen always has a bodyguard to accompany her. She tweeted a picture and wrote on April 8, “Rockin timez with the bodyguard.”

On Tuesday (April 9) she tweeted birthday wishes to her brother Jack.

“Morning all and a happy 11th birthday to my best friend of all, my brothaa, little #jackiepoo @jack_depp”

Their parents Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis are on good terms. The actor appears on his ex-wife’s new record Love Songs. Due out next month – the track New Year credits Vanessa, Johnny and Lily-Rose.

Vanessa has said of the album, “Of course in the disc, you could see the genesis of what has happened to me in my private life … But it can apply to everyone on the planet, right? But what do they want to know? If escaping [from my private life] provided a record, a film, it’s great, right?”

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Photo credit: FameFlynet/Twitter

  • Tanisha

    Those shoes are hideous but what do I know LOL.

    • Anonymous

      Even though they’re hideous, they’re probably the best part of this outfit!

  • SMH

    She resembles Anna Sophia Robb. Looks just like her mom.

  • Bink

    The shoes make her look like a Bratz doll! But then my parents weren’t so thrilled with Doc Martens.

  • farand

    She’s so pretty, I bet we’ll be reading stories about her breaking into the modeling industry soon enough – not that that’s necessarily a good or bad thing. Those Frankenstein shoes are absurd though, and with a petite white dress. Uhh, ok? Eccentric fashion runs in this family.

  • tia

    Her clothes are totally innapropriate. She looks like a slut, she is a Lindsay Lohan in the making…

    • Anonymous

      Why do you have to label her something because of what she’s wearing? If she got sexually assaulted, would you think it was her fault because after all, she was dressed like a “slut”?

  • Lynn in the South

    Modeling? Modeling? Seriously?

    I agree with tia, Lindsey lohan in the making… sad.

  • Annie

    This girl doesn’t need a bodyguard. What she needs is her lousy PARENTS to prevent her from stepping out wearing only a slip, push-up bra and visible stockings.

    • Anonymous

      Those aren’t stockings, they’re shorts!

  • Sandra

    Sorry, but those boots look horrible on her. She looks like “Herman Munster” is walking in them! Too big of boots for such a small statured young girl. Throw them out for goodness sakes!!

  • missme?

    if my 14-year-old even attempted to step out in an outfir like that I would ground her ’till Christmas. Yikes, you can’t even fault grown men for ogling that if she puts it out there like that.

    • Heather

      Um, yeah you can.

    • Amy

      “Yikes, you can’t even fault grown men for ogling that if she puts it out there like that.”

      Seriously?!? Does her dress make her suddenly look 18?? I agree that she shouldn’t be dressed like that to begin with, but that does NOT give men a free pass to be creepy!

  • zxcvbnmasdfghjklqwertyuiop

    I’m still laughing at the Herman Munster comment LOL

  • Ann

    i like the dress, and there’s nothing wrong with ther boots.
    and…at least she has boobs, as opposed to her mother. lol
    her face is very much like her father’s, her eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, cheeks, straight hair. only the color of her hair and the forehead looks like her mother’s.

    • Anonymous

      “at least she has boobs, as opposed to her mother. lol”.
      Yeah, that’s hilarious.

    • derp

      Its people like you who make small chested women think they have a deformity. We’re all different, that’s how its supposed to be.

  • Samantha

    The twiiter account is not hers,it’s fake. All the info on it is wrong.

  • No

    That isn’t her real twitter. what is this reporting rn

  • alyssa

    She’s very pretty, though those boots are really ugly. Does anyone know the parent she lives with?

    • Ann

      she and her brother live with their father. sometimes their mother comes to u.s. and stays with her and her brother for a week or a few days in their mother’s new l.a. house

  • Jennifer

    put some clothes on that girl! She is only 14!

  • ela

    SHE HAS BOOBS? I died there ahahahaahhahahahhaha she has no boobs she just has a very good push up bra that pushes up the skin so it looks like she does lol and other thing you could see it on VC models LOL hahahha LILY ROSE HAS NO BOOBS AT ALL it is a fact bitcachos.:*

  • Will

    braless would be perfect!

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