Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner’s Sweet Sera

The look of love.

Jennifer Garner smiled adoringly at her 4-year-old daughter Seraphina while hubby Ben Affleck toted their pretty preschooler in Pacific Palisades, Calif. on Tuesday (April 9). The trio were seen enjoying an ice cream treat and some quality time together.

Later that same day, Jen was seen picking up their elder daughter from school in Santa Monica. Violet, 7, was all smiles as she played with an umbrella on the way back to the car. No sign of the couple’s 1-year-old son Samuel.

After the mega success of his latest film Argo, Ben is taking some time off from showbiz in the coming weeks.

“Jennifer is going to work,” Ben, 40, told PEOPLE Monday night. “And she told me to go to the gym.”

“I’m preparing myself to take on some more of the burden [at home],” he added. “[Jennifer’s] got a couple of movies coming up, so it’s going to be a little Mr. Mom action, and I’m going to get back in the ring and we’re going to see if I still have it.”

Jennifer, who turns 41 April 17, is set to light up the big screen again in Dallas Buyers Club alongside Matthew McConaughey. She will next begin work alongside Kevin Costner in the new film Draft Day about NFL football.

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Photo credit: FameFlynet/AKM-GSI

  • Anonymous

    Either that pale yellow dress is a uniform or her kids love wearing the same clothes all the time.

    • xoJerseyGirlxo

      It’s obviously a school uniform.

  • Anonymous

    What school allows sneakers to be worn with a uniform?

    • Lynn

      My children went to private school and wore uniforms. You were allowed a choice on the shoes they wore as long as they were closed toed and safe (velco, tie, or buckle). Tennis shoes grip surfaces well, especially for younger children, so it makes sense. Most of our public schools here do not require uniforms but the ones that do, allow tennis shoes as well.

      • NYCMommy

        Lyn, curious where do you live? Can I guess down South? In NY metro area alot of public schools were uniforms. Best thing for parents less sress and struggle in mornings when getting kids off to school and makes back to school shopping a breeze. 🙂

    • NYCMommy

      Many schools (private and public) allow children to wear sneakers with school uniform especially younger children who are not required to change for gym class.

  • Lo

    I love this family, they are definitely my favorite of all celebs. However, Ben always looks so grumpy! His wife and children are always all smiles and super cute and he always looks so grumpy

  • Tanisha

    I was born and raised in NYC (Queens) and still live here and I went to Catholic schools my whole life and so did most of my friends. There is not one Catholic school that I know of that allows children to wear sneakers, even to this day.

    NYCMommy – I’m curious, what Catholic school do you know of in NYC that allows children to wear sneakers?

    • mrs. trumbell

      she didn’t say anything about catholic schools that allow kids to wear sneakers. what difference does it make? violet doesn’t go to a religious private school anyway.

    • anonymous

      She was talking about private schools not Catholic schools. I went to private school k through 12 and was allowed to wear whatever shoes I wanted as long as they were appropriate. We were allowed to wear flip flops on certain days, like every Friday or something, can’t remember. Like mrs. trumbell said, Violet goes to private school, not Catholic school.

  • Anonymous

    How do you know what school she goes to? Are you a stalker?

    • mrs. trumbell

      i guess you haven’t noticed, but the paparazzi takes photos of them at/leaving/going to/from her school every single day. it would be impossible to not know what school it is.

      • sandra again

        Seriously? You must spend a lot of time and effort scrutinizing the pictures to notice that. Usually the photos are cropped in such a way that passersby, random buildings, etc. are not the focus – the celeb is.

  • P!nk

    For what it’s worth, I went to a “private” school in New York City and was NOT allowed to wear sneakers. LOL

  • The celeb couple that seem to do the most smiling and seem to be so lovey dovey are always the first to divorce.I give them another three years

  • Laura

    Does anyone know what brand/style of shoes Jennifer is wearing? I love them.

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