Jennifer Garner Explains Ben Affleck’s Puzzling Speech

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The fact that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have to work on their marriage shouldn’t be a surprise, but when the actor stated so from the Oscars stage during 2013′s ceremony, many were left wondering what to make of the admission — notably, Jennifer Garner was not among them.

You may recall that while accepting the Best Picture Oscar for Argo, a bearded Ben Affleck said with a shaky, emotion-laden voice, “I want to thank my wife … for working on our marriage for 10 Christmases. It is work, but it’s the best kind of work. And there’s no one I’d rather work with.”

“I know Ben, I knew he meant it as the hugest, warmest compliment in the world,” Jennifer Garner recently told The Telegraph when asked about her husband’s unusual speech.

The 40-year-old mother of three added, “I think he was saying, ‘Look, what we have is really real and I value it above all and I’m in it with you and I know you are in it with me.’ That’s the way I took it.”

In hindsight, Ben Affleck’s comments were really much ado about nothing. He wasn’t hinting that there is trouble brewing in their 7-year marriage, he was just being honest in a way we’re not used to.

Hell yes, marriage takes work! My husband of 10 years and I just had a laugh the other night at how hard we have been working to get along whilst outside pressures have been piling up. “Can you imagine if we were fighting on top of everything else?” I asked him, thinking I could lose my sh*t at any minute over nothing. “Thanks for tip-toeing around me, us, while we’re so stressed out.”

We work it out — but I’m as guilty the rest about keeping the how and how often there’s effort being put in under tight wraps.

I’ve never been one to spill the personal details of any relationship to my mother or a girlfriend, but perhaps I ought to start. Would we all be better off and have a more realistic idea of what a marriage takes if we spoke openly about it? There is something a little comforting in knowing that Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck aren’t just floating along in ‘happily ever after’ while the rest of us try our darndest to sort things out!

Does your marriage or relationship take work?

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  1. AvaElizabeth

    Every relationship is hard word.
    I liked Afflecks words in that speech at Oscars a lot and never thought something negative about them.

  2. sandra

    Old news. This Telegraph interview has been re-hashed over and over again. Fresh news please.

  3. Tiffany

    Yes agreed. Every relationship takes work, even friendships. When you stop working, it fails. It’s a bummer for the other person too when they realize that they are not worth the work of keeping a relationship healthy and alive. Good for the Afflecks and their hard work.

  4. Danielle

    completely agreed; there’s no way any relationship doesn’t take work, even though not everyone realizes what they’re doing as work. i’m sure there are people out there who love being affectionate and cleaning up around the house and planning fun outings and wouldn’t think of these things as work, but every effort you make to strengthen your relationship or make your partner happy has an element of work.

    hopefully you’re just fortunate that you love your “job”. 🙂

  5. musiclover

    I agree with everyone else who commented on here so far. didn’t understand what the the problem was with his comment….relationships are hard work.

  6. meghan

    I thought it was a good speech. He obviously gets the point of marriage and family. Some people don’t get it and then are shocked when they break up two years later. Nothing in this life worth having comes easy.

  7. Anonymous

    Ben’s speech solidified why many of us love this family so much because ” they are just like us,” sort of :). I personally agree with his wife and thought it was a compliment, and appreciate his honesty. I figured the press would make into something it wasn’t. Either way good for them and all their success.

  8. Christine

    Their relationship will last because of the way they value it (as well as their family). My husband and I have been together 15 years this year, married 8. It is very hard work, especially when kids come into play, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Communication is the key, as well as lots of laughter and making ‘us’ a priority (which I have to work on more personally as I can really get wrapped up in my job and the kids).
    My 3 yr old is not wanting to talk to daddy a lot these days (she’s become even more of a mama’s girl since her lil brother came into the picture). I told her that I like to talk to daddy because he is my best friend. Later I thought about that comment and just how true it is, and just how blessed I am.

  9. Anonymous9

    I think most people’s problem with the comment was less about its substance, and more about “Why here, why now?” It seemed like a strange comment in the context of an acceptance speech where people generally focus on the positives of somebody’s love and support, not on how much they have to work at it. It’s a public moment where people share the award with their family and express the importance of that family in what they achieved; it’s not usually a moment where people talk about the amount of work goes into sustaining that family.

  10. Runnergirl

    Marriage is hard work!! My parents have been married for 44 years and they’ve had highs and definite lows. I’ve only been married for a little under 3 years and it has it’s very hard times.

  11. Elle

    He was telling her that he thanks her for sticking by him, I think it all falls together.

  12. Christine

    I think the wonderful thing about the Affleck’s is that they are not into putting up a big front to hide the inner workings of their marriage. Most people either try to hide experiences they go through or make us bellieve that it’s all sugar and candy. I deeply respect them both for their convictions…

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