Gordon Ramsay & Holly: L.A. Shoppers

Gordon Ramsay and his 12-year-old daughter Holly went do do some shopping at The Grove in Los Angeles, Calif. on Monday (April 8). The celebrity chef held her hand while she carried her Topshop purchases.

Ramsay – who also has Matilda, 10, Megan, 14, and 12-year-old Jack tweeted a photo of the girls at a restaurant the next day.

He wrote: “Dinner with 3 tough food critics @Mozza delicious, the older they become the more expensive they are.”

In an interview last year the Hell’s Kitchen star talked about parenting the children with wife Tana.

“I had a pretty dour upbringing, so having children gives you that chance to reposition the family memoir. I remember Nigella Lawson saying to me that she was never going to leave her kids anything in her will – they’ve got to work for it and they’re going to get nothing until they’re 30 or 35. The pressure on them today is so hard.”

He added, “I like the responsibility of having kids and I think being a good parent is something you need to work at.I think that’s where Tana almost comes into a league of her own, because she’s so focused. We break them down into four little individuals as opposed to categorizing them like, ‘You’ve all got to do this’ or ‘You’ve all got to do that’.”

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Photo credit: FameFlynet/Twitter

  • Geena

    This guy is a total asshole on television. Just looking at the previews of “Hell’s Kitchen”, makes me cringe! What the heck is all that hollering about? I wouldn’t even think of watching one single episode of that crazy show. Stupid shows on television and this is one of them!!!

    • bigprisc

      Actually, he is really cool. IF you did watch the show, you will realise that he gives credit when credit is due… And when he shouts, it is not without reason. Trailers are always edited for dramatic effects.

      I wouldn’t mind working for a boss like that.

      • Lola

        I have watched 4 shows and it was all I could take. He has a pretty bad temper. No excuse for that. He should know that the more chefs in the kitchen cooking, the more screw ups.

        • Anonymous

          I think the reason he is INCREDIBLY short-tempered is that when these people are actually in charge and running HIS kitchen, they will be cool and calm under pressure.

    • Someone

      He’s actually quite the softie, he’s hard on people when he has to be

    • Anonymous

      You have clearly never worked in a kitchen.

      • Elle

        I have worked in a kitchen before and my boss was never this bad.

  • Sweet


    Seems the entertainment industry has been informed that shock value and exploitation make for good entertainment. As long as people continue to watch…

  • Dumpling

    He is trying to get positive publicity by being seen with his kids holding their hand. Can’t blame him.

    • Lizzie

      Yep, I’m sure that’s why he became a dad.

  • Hadley

    He and Simon Cowell apparently share the same t-shirt drawer and they should burn it.

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