Julianne Moore & Her Lovely Liv

Julianne Moore and her daughter Liv were spotted taking a walk through New York City’s Tribeca neighborhood on Sunday (April 14). Liv – who turned 11 recently – is looking like her mom everyday!

Moore’s Freckleface Strawberry books recently became available in digital format. The actress spoke about the books and apps to Forkidsentertainment.com last month.

The 52-year-old explained that Freckleface Strawberry is based on her – not Liv as some might believe.

“The character is me. I have a lot of people say, “Oh, is it your daughter?” No. It’s me. I feel like she resembles my daughter and [Illustrator] LeUyen [Pham] never met my daughter, but she reminds me of Liv [my daughter] because she was more spunky than I was as a kid. So, that always reminds me of Liv in that way. And my daughter is the voice of Freckleface Strawberry on the app!”

She continued, “Yeah! So that was really fun and kind of amazing. She’s ten now, but out of the blue I asked, “Hey, honey, do you want to do the voice of Freckleface Strawberry. And she was like, “Yeeeah!” I didn’t know if she could do voice over or if she would be comfortable. When we sat down to do the first session, it was like three hours or something! I said, “Honey, that was real work!” And she said, “If that’s real work, I would do real work like that all day.”

Moore also talked about how she got the nickname Freckleface Strawberry when she was a kid.

She shared, “There were a bunch of kids – we lived in a duplex with a back alley and so all the kids would run out and hang out in back of the houses. There was a drink mix at the time and there was blueberry, raspberry and freckle face strawberry flavors [so they started calling me that]. I think it was harmless, them calling me that name. Kids love to identify and categorize and I think that’s what they were doing, but when I was five it was awful.

When my son was 7 and got a haircut, he didn’t like how his ears looked and thought his teeth looked too big. I said, “I can’t believe it. You look beautiful!” Kids never like what they see [at that age] and of course we all feel that way. So, it’s a book about that.”

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  1. jo

    She probably hates it right now, but what beautiful colouring Liv has.

  2. L

    Beautiful girl, her hair is gorgeous!

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