Drew Barrymore: “I’ve Never Had A Beach Body”

Drew Barrymore says she didn’t stress over losing the baby weight. The mom to 6-month-old Olive recently spoke to In Touch Weekly about her body and the changes she endured during pregnancy.

She shared, “I’ve never had a ‘beach body’. But I don’t worry about it. I probably wasn’t totally in shape before I got pregnant, but I do think I’m back to where I was. Perfect for me! I take care of myself. But I’m never going to be the person who talks about diet and exercise — I would fail that conversation!”

Referring to her pregnancy she joked, “I got a wonderful little goatee — and it was red! I also got hyperpigmentation on my cheeks. If I was going off to a desert island, concealer is the one thing I’d want to take. It’s the only product that I couldn’t make it without!”

Drew also told the magazine “this is sacred time” and revealed she plans to scale back on acting and directing to leave room for family time.

She also admitted she has a crush on Christian Bale but is the happiest when she is on date nights with her husband Will Kopelman.

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  • 2002

    Love Drew and all but is she promoting somthing? because she talking to the tabloids way to much and is over sharing keep it privet Drew keep it privet.

  • anonymous

    What does “privet” mean?

    • L

      It’s a flowering bush.

  • Louise

    Love that term, ‘beach body’! And anyway, who DOES have a beach body in real life…? I don’t. You don’t.

    I also love how she simply accepts it!

  • zxcvbnmasdfghjklqwertyuiop

    I think she’s trying to say PRIVATE???

    • suz

      That’s pretty sad. Hopefully she’s 7.

      • JJ

        2002? Possible year of birth? Yeah, I’m going to go with 11.

  • Gino

    Maybe not.. But if you would like one for summer here is the easiest way to get it bit.ly/180rGbS

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