Perez Hilton Opens Up About Fatherhood

New dad Perez Hilton attended the launch of Paul Frank’s 2013 Summer Collection Event: Let’s Have A Fun Day! at the W Hotel in Hollywood, Calif. last Monday (April 8). The party included an interactive photo booth, mini-manicures, braid bar, personal fragrance station, make up station, and VIP eyewear station. Custom summer beverages and appetizers were served as guests took part in the night’s activities.

Celebrity Baby Scoop spoke exclusively to Perez – who welcomed his son Mario Armando Lavandeira, III, or Perez Hilton Jr. – on February 16.

CBS: What is your favorite part about being at this event?

PH: I am a fan of Paul Frank and I am here because I got invited. [laughs] It’s fun to get out of the house and I try to get out a couple of times a week because I have a baby now. He is on a schedule, which is very helpful. He’s napping right now and I’ll stay here for like 45 minutes then I’m going back for nighttime feeding, bath time, and bedtime.

CBS: Tell us about your fatherhood experience thus far.

PH: Being a father is awesome and everything I could have hoped for and more.

CBS: What do you have planned for this summer?

PH: I plan on just being here with my baby and not traveling much. I really have nothing planned, which is exciting.

Perez also has been sharing photos of his son on his Facebook page. What a cutie!

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Photo credit: Facebook

  • Marie

    Does anyone know if the baby was adopted or if Perez used a surrogate?

    • 2002


    • Isabella

      No one knows if he used a surrogate or adopted he hasn’t said either way.

      • 2002

        Yes he has.

  • Dana

    I met him in person and he is not nice.

    • Isabella

      Thanks why his website has fallen off so much people do not like him.

  • AvaElizabeth

    omg, this little boy is sooooooooooo cute <3

    and I think he looks a lot like his father 🙂

  • Mary

    If he wasn’t nice before, nothing changes a person more than having a child. The baby is adorable and looks like his daddy is crazy in love with him. Love the matching outfits!!!

  • SMH

    I have never liked him. I am glad he is healthy but he looks to thin and frail to me now.

  • dee

    Why is this even on here? He’s not a ‘celebrity,’ he’s merely a ‘celebrity blogger,’ meaning that he blogs “about” celebrities–and isn’t one himself, He needs to go crawl back under the rock that he came from and have his 15 minutes (if he ever had any to begin with) be over already.

    • Louise

      Why would you even care? It’s obvious that he’s famous. Just compare your and his number of hits on Google… 🙂

  • sandrah

    Woah, I’m kind of disturbed by these pictures. The baby only seems to be a fashionable accessory for Perez. Can’t see him changing diapers, getting up at night or cleaning up puke. I really hope I’m wrong, though, and wish both of them all the best! The baby’s very cute and I hope he raises him well!

    • Louise

      That’s not usually what other people show from their child… Do you?

    • Angela

      Yeah, I need to see some pics of poopy diapers, puke stained shirts and Perez feeding him all night to believe this guy is a fit father! (rolling my eyes)…you sound ridiculous, Sandrah.

  • Noinin

    I have never met Perez but read an interesting interview of him… He seems to be a really doting dad and very hands-on. And if his son looks tiny it’s because he is a preemie. I think Perez used to be annoying when he was bullying everybody but I think he has matured – you don’t really find anything offensive on his website anymore. Also, I’m not from the US but he is more famous here than some celebs I see frequently on CBS 🙂

  • Lizzie

    Seriously cannot believe he is calling his son Perez Hilton Jr…..

    • Louise

      Don’t worry, you don’t need to believe it, because it’s not his official name. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    “Mario Armando Lavandeira, III, or Perez Hilton Jr”
    If you’re a third then you’re not a junior. They’re totally different things.

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