Tom Cruise Celebrates Suri’s 7th Birthday

Happy Birthday to Suri Cruise!

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes‘ little girl is turning 7 today (April 18), and her Top Gun papa was sure to celebrate his daughter’s special day.

The Ovlivion star called into Ryan Seacrest‘s KIIS-FM radio show and chatted about his birthday girl.

“Done already. All done,” Tom said of Suri’s birthday party. “I take care of the kids early. You’ll know — you have to plan ahead for these things. It’s all done and all celebrated.”

While he remained mum on the details, he was sure to mention one sweet detail.

“I’ll eat cake, cupcakes,” he shared. “I eat all that stuff!”

Suri’s home base is with Katie in New York City. Tom is also dad to Isabella, 20, and Connor, 18, with ex-wife Nicole Kidman.

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  • ER

    I can’t believe Suri is 7 already, wow, time flies!

  • Dan

    In previous years Tom and Katie always spoke in detail about Suri’s birthday but because of the divorce agreement they can’t.

  • jeanie

    goodness – as the mother of 4, didn’t tom and katie know enough about each other even through publicists to know enough about each other?? I have never left comments about celebrities but news about this ex-couple seem to be everywhere.

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  • sheida

    she is too big for being carried like that

    • Chez

      Why is she too big to be carried like that? She’s probably scared. She’s still al little girl and with the crowds of paparazzi there I think is is appropriate to carry her

  • Anonymous

    Suri is 7 yrs old now and being carried as if she is 2… I can see it now Tom & Katie will still be carrying her when she’s 10 or 11 just watch and also one of these days they will end up hurting their back or spraining their ankle while carrying her around all the time for as big as she is getting. My daughter is 7 yrs old and she knows she’s to big to be carried she tells people she is a big girl now not a baby who needs to be carried. They treat Suri like a baby that’s why she’s always being carried but once in a blue moon you will see her walking which isn’t very often!

    • Anonymous

      Has your daughter ever walked out of a hotel or restaurant and been surrounded by a gaggle of strangers screaming her name and taking her photo?

      Yeah, I didn’t think so.

      • Anonymous

        Blow it out your stink hole!!! If you was famous and your child was 10 or 11 yrs old would you pick them up and carry them if there was cameras flashing at you and your child and people screaming their name or your name I don’t think so either you stupid bitch? You would be like Hell no I’m not carrying my kid I’m not braking my back!

  • Mel in STL

    It just looks so wrong for her to be carried that way at SEVEN YEARS OLD. Creepy.

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