Kim Kardashian: Glowing In Green

Simply radiant!

Temptation star Kim Kardashian was photographed in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Wednesday (April 17). The reality star, 32, was glowing in green as she started her day at a studio and then stopped by Heritage Auctions. The day before, Kim was seen in a gray top and black tights as she arrived at the gym for her morning workout. 

The mom-to-be stars in Tyler Perry’s new film Temptation, alongside Vanessa Williams.

“She was amazing and I think a lot of people were really surprised with her work because she really held her own and she really brought it home,” costar Robbie Jones told MTV. “And she was really funny and I think she did a fantastic job.”

Kim said shooting the film was “really fun” and “really different than shooting the reality show.”

“I found I was definitely comfortable in front of the cameras because I’m so used to it at home when we’re filming, but it’s almost this pressure because there’s so many people depending on you for the script and you want to make sure you get everything so right,” said Kim. “It was fun though. I want to do more.”

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  1. Gladys

    Eww…glowing in Green yuck it should say gross in green!

  2. anonymous

    The dress isn’t bad. I would’ve chosen a different color for the shoes though, all of that green is a bit much.

  3. anonymous

    I think this dress looks nice. (She does need a bigger bra though.)

  4. SMH

    She wears nothing that makes her body look flattering.

    She’s a pretty girl and she’s a curvy women when not pregnant. She needs to imo stop trying so hard to be fashionable and just wear clothes that suits her figure!!

  5. anon

    Good for her that she is still dressing up while she’s pregnant. I like the dress but it would look better in a bigger size and she needs to get a bra fitting (which all pregnant mammas do). No hate for Kim though!

  6. sierra

    She needs to stop wearing such tight clothing. Enough said

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