Kelly Rutherford’s Friend Petitions To Bring Kids Back Home

Kelly Rutherford is continuing her fight to bring her two children, Hermes, 5, and Helena, 3, back from Monaco where they live with their father Daniel Giersch. E! News reports her good friend Caroline Fina has begun an online petition calling on California lawmakers to bring the kids back to the States.

Fina wrote, “I want you to know that Kelly is not your average mother. She is the mom who sews the Spider-Man mask back together when it rips, the mom who has lollipops in her purse at all times just in case she comes across a child crying, at school, at the airport, anywhere.”

Last August a judge said Giersch could have the kids live with him since his visa was revoked explaining that would give the former couple the opportunity to co-parent since they share custody of them.

The Gossip Girl actress filed for divorce from German-born Giersch in 2009 after three years of marriage.

Last September she appeared on The View where she said, “He could disappear tomorrow and I’d have no way to look. My biggest fear is that I wouldn’t know where they are.”

“My little girl said ‘I want to come home, mama. I want to come back to New York,’” she adds. “My son – who’s kind of been brainwashed that where he is is so much better – but he always says, ‘Mama, I love you so much.’”

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  • nancy

    Very sad story…

  • Rose

    Her friend is not doing her any favors with the way she worded that statement. Implying that most mothers aren’t as good of mothers as Kelly isn’t going to make people more likely to sign the petition. And how does making a Halloween costume for her child make her any different than other mothers. Lots of mothers make their children Halloween costumes.

    • Em

      Right? Her friend sounds like an idiot. And I still fail to understand why it’s so bad that the kids are living with their father.

      • Jen

        I agree. I think this woman is an egomaniac. She tried to keep the kids from their dad…and karma came around to bite her in the ass. Serves her right. I hope the kids stay away from her, at least they will be able to get to know their dad outside of what this woman tells them.

    • Raven

      That sounds like the average mother/father to me. I haven’t meet one mother who hasn’t made a costume for thier child whether it was for Halloween or a school play, and what mother dosen’t keep treat on them when out with their kids.

  • Jessica

    Such a sad situation. I think the kids need both their parents in this situation. How are they supposed to “co-parent” thousands of miles apart from each other??? Ridiculous Judge ruling!

  • Zxcvbnmasdfghjklqwertyuiop

    Children, especially very young like these two, need their mom.

    • Anonymous

      Not when their mother has obvious mental problems.

    • Alice

      Not when their father is the more stable of the two.

  • Mary

    Can’t these two come to some sort of agreement with their kids and stop being so stubborn and self absorbed. Were the kids born in America? They are both rich and can afford to live in the same city – cry me a river!

    • Rose

      The dad isn’t being stubborn and self absorbed. He got deported – thanks to false claims that Kelly made against him. So he doesn’t have the ability to live in this country. That’s the reason they judge gave him custody – because Kelly has the ability to fly there and see the kids, but if they lived here their dad wouldn’t be able to fly here and see them.

      • Zelda

        Isn’t it like better to give him his visa back, instead of sending those kids away from their mum? Obviously he’s been found fit to take care of American kids by an American judge, but found not fit enough to be allowed to travel to the US?
        This situation seems ridiculous to me and it’s a failure to the whole system.
        Aside from that- Kelly should continue to fight to get the kids back, but until then she should move to Monaco to be with them. Why hasn’t she? Gossip Girl keeps her 24/7 in NY? I don’t think so

        • Ellen

          He lost his visa for Fraud.

  • Me

    Monaco is safe and beautiful. It’s definitely an amazing gift to grow up there.
    She should let them be.. I’m sure they are very happy.
    Like Jen said, what’s happening to her is just Karma bitting her in the ass.

  • Clare

    I think this is a terrible situation and a less than inspiring ruling. Family law can be such a messy area and, unfortunately, I don’t think all judges and lawyers hold the best interests of the child (or children) to be paramount. I’m sure this is an incredibly stressful time for all involved and I don’t think all of this animosity towards Kelly helps. And for those who say well, she’s courting the publicity so she deserves it – I don’t think so. She said she wants to raise awareness of relocation in general (as well as fighting to bring her kids back, of course) and I say good on her.

    • Anonymous

      But if she brings them back, they won’t see their dad because he cannot come to this country.

      • Anonymous

        She will fly with them to visit their dad.

        • PaminPA

          So you think it’s better that these two children should have to constantly fly back and forth from country to country to see their parents?

          That’s crazy. Let them be, and she can do the traveling. There’s no reason they should have to.

  • anonymous

    I’m not too familiar with their situation but why can’t she just move there to be with them?

    • Anonymous

      She could if she wanted to. She doesn’t want to.

    • Anonymous

      Because she’s an American TV actress. That’s how she earns a living.

      • anonymous

        If her children are as important as she says then her television show should be able to take the back burner. I’m sure she has made enough money to last her a while.

        • Anonymous

          What the hell do you know about her money situation? She’s a working actress, that doesn’t mean she’s a billionaire. When they’re not working they’re not making money. She’s not a mega star. Common sense tells me if she could afford to retire she would.

          • Zelda

            If you can afford to live in NY, you can def afford to live in Monaco. And even if Monaco is too expensive, you can live in an Italian or a French village 20 miles away from Monte Carlo

          • Anonymous

            Zelda, she can afford to live in New York because SHE WORKS IN NEW YORK. That’s where her job is. She’s an American television actress. She can’t be an American television actress while living in Monaco. She’s not an A-List movie star that can afford to live anywhere they want and then fly in for a movie twice a year and earn 20 million dollars. Not everyone you see on TV or in movies is paid like Angelina Jolie. TV actresses work very long hours and several months a year. There’s a lot of competition out there and in this economy actors are lucky to find steady work.

            You shouldn’t be so quick to judge what her financial status is. She shouldn’t have to move to Monaco. She’s an American and so are her children. As an American myself, I think it is insane that our courts would force young US citizens out of this country. No single judge should have that authority. It’s crazy and scary.

          • Zelda

            I already wrote a bit earlier that it is a weird thing, that these kids were sent away. Or given to their dad, who I understand now has been denied visa for fraud. There’s no doubt in my mind that this was a stupid court decision. She should continue to fight to get them back and hopefully she will. But UNTIL they come back, it is only logical and natural to me that she should go over there. I def don’t think she has that much work to do in NY- she has 10 to 15 minutes appearance in GG once in two episodes and GG is a seasonal show, that’s filmed in a short period of time once a year, pretty much like a movie. Not a soup, where you have to go to work every day.

    • Ellen

      Not every country just allows you to move into it on a permanent status. Besides the fact that she has to make a living, Monte Carlo may not have an open door policy allowing just anyone who wants to to move in. I don’t know of any country that does.

  • popsykl

    they should never have been removed from their country of birth…….

  • Miika

    its proven that she was trying to alienate her children from their father- to get him deported so that he became nothing but a sperm donor. The judge (thank God) saw through that and granted him custody. Her plan failed and now she’s living the effects of her own doing. Vindictive ex-wives/girlfriends take note- this is what can happen when you try pulling the same thing….

    • Anonymous

      Maybe she has good reason for that. Maybe the father isn’t Prince Charming Super Dad like you make him out to be. ???

      • anonymous

        Maybe he’s not, but it still proves that what goes around comes around so its always best to play nice.

      • PaminPA

        Who said he was Super Dad? Why do people always second-guess the courts. Do you have any idea how rare it is to have children taken from their mother? Especially a mother with a huge amount of resources? It almost NEVER happens. The fact that it happened in this case really says something.

        • Anonymous

          Why do people second-guess the courts? Are you kidding me?? I’m not even going to respond to that as you are clearing too naive and/or stupid. Think about it. Think about all the injustice and corruption in this country. Good grief.

          • Ellen

            My friend who lives in NY will be glad for me to inform her she can afford to live in Monaco. She has trouble affording to fly here to visit us.

  • meghan

    And apparently she has friends coming to these sites to vote down anyone who dare name her for the head case she obviously is. Two hours ago all the posts criticizing her were on the plus side, now they are all negative 20? In two hours? Bullshit.

    • Raven

      I agree with you and didn’t she give an interview to this website before? So we know she comes to this site and reads the comments, somthing shady is going down.

    • PaminPA

      Who cares if a post is voted up or down?

    • Anonymous

      The “head cases” against her do the same thing. I’m guessing that includes you. Maybe that’s why you’re so pissed? Someone beat you at your own game.

  • Dap

    This is not going to help. The only thing that can help her case at this point is to do whatever it takes to convince the judge that she has understood the lesson and won’t try anymore to cut her children from their father and do whatever it takes to co-parent peacefully the kids with heir father. Trying to use her fame and rich friends against the judge is not a good idea.

  • lu

    Well. I don’t know if she or he are good parents, but they are. First of all, except the mother be a killer or something similar the kids had to stay with her. it’s her mother. maybe she had a reason to apart the dad of her children from them, and maybe she is right maybe not. the solution its really clear, and the judge i think was awful… maybe the children could stay with her and let the dad live in the usa and visit the children to prove its a good dad. but nobody deserve be a mother and cant see her babies every morning because they are in monaco or wherever they are… just my opinion and sorry for my english

  • Holly


  • People have no idea what went on in their marriage I only know what I have read.some of which said that he was unfaithful and that is why she left him. As for his visa being revoked well that is not done for no reason,he could be involved in criminal dealings that put those children at risk in his care.As for the big show at the airport with the big SUPER MAMA sign and all the balloons, those ideas did not come from those children they could not have thought of signs and balloons let alone written the sign.He is trying to look like Father of the year,I am sure Kelly saw through that little show just like anyone with a brain would have.He either wants her back or wants to make her suffer for leaving him, not sure which one, as for the Judge,women Judges are far worse to other women then male Judges are .They like to be tough and show women that they are the boss,the Judge would have been thinking there is only one star in this courtroom lady and that is me,It has been proven that the long term effects on children by removing them from their primary caretaker is very harmful to their security and to them feeling safe.If he was a good Father he would know that and return them to their Mother, but as long as he has the children he still controls Kelly.SHAME on HIM and the JUDGE. GOOD LUCK KELLY hope your CHILDREN are HOME soon

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