Jason Biggs: I’m Ready To Be A Dad

Jason Biggs says he’s ready for fatherhood. The American Reunion star was at the Kaleidoscope Ball in Beverly Hills on Thursday when he revealed that he and wife Jenny Mollen are “trying” to start a family.

He said, “We’re right in that zone. That’s our next step. We figure we’ve been married five years next week, so we figure now it’s about that time. I’m ready!”

The couple are celebrating their wedding anniversary in Hawaii. Biggs said, “It’ll be nice!”

He also told US Weekly, “That we made it to five years is in and of itself pretty amazing. We’re still learning so much about each other. In a good way, because we’re learning so much about ourselves. You think you’re all grown up and you get married and you’re like, ‘Wait a second — it’s not just about me anymore! I can’t just be selfish.’ There’s a relationship, and you learn to operate and think differently. And I imagine that’s all going to get flipped, and turned upside down with a kid. I’ll keep you posted!”

Next up for the actor is the Netflix original series Orange Is the New Black.

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  • Elle

    He is gross.

  • meghan

    Does this mean he is ready to stop being a sleaze too?

  • Mimi

    I think he’s really cute!

    • Mimi

      Ooops that was before I read about his twitter comments!

  • Anime

    Where are all the self righteous ones, you know… The trolls always berating the unmarried or single mom celebs. So a man that’s been married a while is ready now to start trying and nobody applauds the stability? I guess we practice the antithesis of if you have nothin nice to say here in CBB.

    • meghan

      Do a google search.

  • Marie

    He’s a disgusting and vile pig. I hope he reconsiders having children.

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