Tom Arnold Dishes On Son’s Name & The Birth

New parents Ashley and Tom Arnold recently spoke to People about their son Jax – born on April 6.

Asked on how the couple came up with the name Jax Copeland – Tom explained, “My dad’s name is Jack and I wanted to honor him, but not too much. I am a fan of and worked on Sons of Anarchy and my favorite character’s name is Jax. We just thought it was a cool name. Of course I called Kurt Sutter, the show creator, to get his blessing.”

He continued, “I’m best friends with Dax Shepard so that was also in the back of my head, too. We almost named him Jaxson, but the night before the birth I found out one of my brothers had named his mangy dog Jaxson. Obviously that made a change absolutely necessary! His middle name is Copeland because that was my grandma Dottie’s maiden name and she was a good lady.”

The comedic actor also shared what’s it’s like to finally be a father.

“All fat babies look like me, but babies change daily and soon he will be beautiful like his mother. I’ve worked diligently to become a father for 23 years. Twenty-one cycles of in-vitro with four different women, but the moment Jax was born I realized that this was exactly the way it was meant to be. I was ready because I was healthy and had the perfect partner.”

Regarding the birth the True Lies star said, “Every man will tell you there’s nothing that makes him crazier than seeing the woman you love in pain. Even little pains. Mostly because they tell you about each one. When a man’s wife is in pain, it triggers an “I gotta put that fire out!” panic alarm. It’s exhausting.”

Ashley added, “We ended up having to do a planned c-section because the baby was breech.”

Tom also revealed, “I was in shock when I saw him appear because up until that moment, I didn’t truly believe it would ever happen. The disappointments. The miscarriages. When you’ve tried and failed so many times, you eventually accept that it won’t happen for you.

“When I held him, I accepted he was real and though he is obviously too good for me, he will never doubt that his father loves him very much. I also felt a kind of super love for Ashley. An intimacy and partnership and accomplishment I did not know possible.”

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  • joy

    that is really, really sweet. happy for him!

  • Danielle

    “When I held him, I accepted he was real and though he is obviously too good for me, he will never doubt that his father loves him very much.”

    That is just beautiful and I completely understand that feeling.

    Congratulations to him and his wife. 21 cycles of ivf with 4 woman is dedication to trying to realise your dream.

  • Anabelle

    This man can’t get through one interview without namedropping!

  • Kid

    This man can not thank his beautiful wife for having his child.. It is all I I I not we we
    we had the child…our son is named after HIS fav character on Games of Thrones!
    Did he ask her? Do we see her with the kid never!

    • Kim

      Ugh. Eye roll.

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