Sarah Jessica Parker & Her Mini Fashionistas

Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker was photographed with her 3½-year-old twin daughters Loretta and Tabitha in New York City on Friday (April 19). While Tabitha wore yellow sandals and a chic polka dot print, Loretta rocked the ruffles and matching pink shoes.

Then on Monday, SJP did double duty while dropping off the twins and their big brother, 9-year-old James Wilkie, at school. We love his short new haircut!

According to the actress, 48, her daughters are quite fussy about their fashion choices.

“They pick out their own clothes every single day,” she told PEOPLE. “They won’t listen. I just provide the clothing and a lot of those dresses they wear are from my childhood or my niece’s young childhood.”

“We have a routine,” she added. “They pick out their clothes at 3 o’clock when they wake up from their nap. We tell them nothing. We just give them the temperature outside and if they don’t pick enough clothing, then we say, ‘You need leggings or pants. You need to add something so you’ll be warm enough.’ That’s all they would listen to.”

“One is more serious than the other,” SJP continued. “Loretta will sometimes say, ‘Mama, can you help me with my bundle?’ Bundles are what we make for the next morning. But Tabitha is completely on her own. She’s extremely independent. They pick their hair ties, which are Emi-Jay. They only wear Emi-Jay hair ties and insist upon it. They pick their own headbands, pick their own hats. It’s very amusing and entertaining for me.”

But stay away from mama’s Manolos! “They do try my high heels on, but they are forbidden to leave the house in them!” she joked.

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI/FameFlynet


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  1. Anonymous

    What horrible outfits….just saying.

  2. Heather

    The little girls are adorable and I love Sarah’s outfit!

  3. Lisa

    I like their outfits for the most part. They are sooo cute. But, in typical preschool/kindergarten fashion…they want to pick out their own clothes which ALWAYS can be a challenge and really interesting with patterns and color combos. Still they are adorable.

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