Ingo Rademacher & Peanut: Birthday Celebrations

Dancing With The Stars contestant Ingo Rademacher carried his 4-year-old son Peanut Kai to Mixology 101 in West Hollywood, Calif. on Monday (April 22). The pair were there to celebrate Ingo’s 42nd birthday.

The actor’s wife Ehiku and their other son Pohaku Zen, nearly 1, aren’t seen in the photographs.

Ingo and his Dancing partner Kym Johnson delivered a Tango this week and got rave reviews from the judges.

Bruno commented, “Oh yes, Ingo, you can turn it on when you want to…” while Carrie Ann said, “When you like a dance, it shows … finally, welcome to the game!”

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI


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  1. zxcvbnmasdfghjklqwertyuiop

    I know, he will get teased in school for sure and they wonder why bullying is at an all time high. How stupid can people be to pick such a ridiculous name? Don’t they realize this kid will have to grow up with that horrible name for the rest of his life?

    • Annie

      I work in a preschool and kids really don’t make fun of names. Ever. They hear new names all the time so they’re all “normal” to them.

      Reminds me of that story where a little boy went to Kindergarten wearing pink ballerina flats. None of the kids cared, but the Moms made a huge deal out of it. If anything, “Peanut” will prevent him from getting a job, not get bullied by kids in school.

      • NYCMommy

        Annie, I agree in preschool children do not make fun of names but they definitely do in elementary school. My son is in fourth grade and just came home recently talking about some boys in his class making fun of new child from Syria’s name and that is not hte first time over the years he talked about kids making fun of other childrens names. Sad but true.

    • SiervaMaria

      He’s not going to get teased at all. Pre Woodstock yeah, Now? My God! even Frank Zappa named his 40 year old + kids Moon and Dweezil. Nope. We live in a world of:

      Apples (Gwyneth Paltrow)
      Kal-El (Nick Cage)
      Pilot Inspektor (Jason Lee)
      Moxie Crimefighter (Penn Jilette)
      Ocean (Forrest Whittaker)

      Of course I didn’t know these all by heart and had to look them up and trust me, it wasn’t hard and these few don’t even scratch the surface. Point is this; just like tat’s and piercings and a host of other things no longer set aside as weird of strange or odd, these names are already not so odd. By the time he gets to 5th grade “George and Mary” are going to be the names being made fun of.

      • NYCMommy

        Maybe people dont view tats and piercings as odd/weird or strange anymore but too many of either (and placement of either) can definitely keep you out of a job in corporate america at minimum.

        • SiervaMaria

          You do realize he’s four. You’re speaking in the present and I’m speaking of the future. I didn’t concrete any of it btw. My point should be cling sheet clear that he’ll be in a generation were it’ll be doubtful his name holds him back. As for tats etc keeping one out of corporate America? You must not work in it because I can 1000% guarantee you that’s not true for the most part and for those companies that do promote a more conservative “outer,” that’s why God made long sleeves and neckties.

          • anonymous

            I 100% agree with you. A friend’s little 10 year old daughter told us the other day that when she has a kid someday she wants them to have a “different” name. My friend told her to use the names John or Kate.

          • NYCMommy

            I work in upper middle management in corporate America and i have worked in corporate America for over 20 years and I have never seen anyone with extreme tats and piercings hired here or at any other firm I deal with. If you read my comment I spoke of placement of tats/piercings. Obviously I know you can cover SOME of them with long sleeves or neckties (which by the one hardly any men wear anymore in NYC anyway. ) Ties do not help heavily tatted woman though since woman don’t wear ties.

  2. arabella

    peanut is the most ridiculous name in hollywood. I wonder how many people stare when he called his son name in public.

  3. arabella

    Not all little kids are “polite” I’m pretty some child made fun of his name peanut.If a little boy went to school with a princess dress princess shoes half of the little boys would bully him.

  4. Anonymous9

    There is a place for cute nicknames and that place is not your child’s legal name. My daughter’s legal name is Shea, but she goes by Tigger cause she’s 4 and when she’s happy, she jumps up and down a lot. It was cute and it stuck, but someday when she needs an adult name, she has one.

  5. Anabelle

    I’m all for creative names (I think it’s so lazy when parents just name their child Jack or Ella – you’re child is supposed to be precious to you and you just pick a name out of the top ten like you don’t care?) but I laughed out loud when I read Peanut. At least he can always go by Kai when he’s older and filling out job application forms.

  6. v-girl

    Who the fudge names a child Peanut????? Way to F up the kid’s life genius parents. Can you imagine Peanut growing into a mature man who has to introduce himself as “Hello, I’m Peanut Rademacher.” Oh, when will this madness end???

  7. Tee

    Pohaku and Peanut! Not surprised, his name is Ingo and his wife’s is Ehiku! What a family full of UGLY weird-sounding names!

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