Diddy & His Darling

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs is a regular user of Instagram and has recently posted a couple of photos with his children. On April 13 he wrote: “Me and my baby ! #luv”

In another snapshot on April 9 he shares, “I’m comin home!”

Forbes reports that Combs – along with other entrepreneurs – are involved in an auction where they give out business advice. A lunch date and a phoner with Diddy will run you $3,250. The money raised will be donated to the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship.

Combs said in a statement, “Over the years, I have learned how important it is to surround yourself with people you admire and respect and that it is also healthy to have a bit of friendly competition with your peers. I have been very fortunate to have relationships with some of the most powerful and successful entrepreneurs including Oprah Winfrey, Russell Simmons and Rob Burke.”



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Photo credit: Instagram

  • Anonymous

    What an ugly mug/pose…..jerk.

    • Anonymous

      Well, you know, he’s a baller, a player, a thug…….. so there you go.

  • Anonymous

    A baller? LOL He’s not a baller. Do you even know what the word means?

    • suz

      do YOU know what it means? I didn’t, but I looked it up on urban dictionary, and yes, Diddy is one.
      take the time to look it up next time before you make an ass of yourself.

      • Lola

        “a person who lives an extravagant lifestyle funded through organized crime, for example drug dealing, weapons dealing, prostitution, loan sharking, and so forth”

        Unless you have proofs that he did any of that to make money (last time I checked he made money with music), he is not a baller

  • anonymous

    Yeah, that’s pretty funny…..LOL

  • Anonymous

    Suz – the only ASSHOLE on here is you. Learn the facts before you get diarrhea of the mouth you POS.

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