Niki Taylor: “My Life Started When I Turned 30”

From the catwalk to four kids, Niki Taylor is one of our favorite supermodel moms. The blonde beauty is partnering with the March of Dimes to help raise awareness about prenatal health, and will be leading off the Miami March for Babies this Saturday, April 27 at Tropical Park.

Niki opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her four children – 18-year-old twin sons Jake and Hunter, 4-year-old daughter Ciel, and son Rex, 17 months – and how she feels about her kids getting tattoos. She goes on to talk about approaching the big 4-0 and her thoughts on the illusion of a ‘perfect’ life.

CBS: Tell us about partnering with the March of Dimes for the March for Babies in Miami. Tell us why you get involved with March of Dimes and about the event in Miami.

NT: “As a mom of four healthy kids, the mission is definitely dear to my heart. This year, the March of Dimes is especially important because they’re celebrating 75 years. We’ve been walking since 1970 and I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have a full-term pregnancy or if my babies were born premature. The mission of the March of Dimes is to make sure that all babies are born healthy.”

CBS: How are all your babies doing? What are your twin sons Jake and Hunter up to these days? And how about your younger babies?

NT: “All of my babies are wonderful! I’ve got big babies and I’ve got little babies [laughs]. My twin boys Jake and Hunter are 18-years-old, my daughter Ciel is 4-years old, and Rex is 17 months.

This is the last year of school for my twin sons. School, driving, hanging out with friends, and music are very important to them right now. They also have jobs at Publix. My family and I have been supporting the March of Dimes for as long as I can remember, because Publix is also a big supporter. We’ve been a part of this every April. What’s great is that this is the second year I’ll be hosting the March for Babies in Miami. Jake, Hunter, and Ciel will walk with me this year.”

CBS: What kind of baby is Rex? How has Ciel adjusted to having another baby in the house? Do the twins help out with the babies?

NT: “Rex is so much more laid-back than Ciel. Ciel is my Princess Tornado [laughs]. She’s always been wild, crazy, and full of energy. A tornado is the perfect way to describe her. She’s a tomboy and princess all in one.

On the other hand, Rex is very laid-back and he doesn’t talk just yet. He says “Mama” and “Dada” and also does a lot of humming, laughing, and giggling. He’s a really cool baby.

Ciel and Rex just love each other. In the morning, Ciel always says, “Can I go wake up Rex? Can I go see Rex?” I’ll say, “Wait, give him a second and let him wake up.” Ciel has always been such a good little mommy. She is always there for him and he just loves her. She’s wild, crazy, and tough and he’s going to be able to roll with the big kids.

The twins do help out with the babies and are great big brothers. Then again, they also have their own lives and their own things going on. I’m enjoying all the different stages in life. It’s been very cool.”

CBS: Do you feel your family is complete now? Or maybe more babies in the future?

NT: “I want more babies and my husband would love more, but I think four are good.”

CBS: How do you feel about approaching the big 4-0? Are you excited? Upset? Going to set some new goals?

NT: “I feel like my life started when I turned 30-years-old. I hated my twenties. I was always like, “Die twenties, I don’t ever want to see you again!” [laughs] In your twenties, you are still figuring things out and you are confused. You wonder, who am I? Where am I supposed to be? You are always in a rush and have to be somewhere. I was also raising two twin boys at the time and it was crazy.

I embrace the forties. Bring it! I think each year gets better and better because I know who I am as a person and as a mom now. I love it. My husband and I love getting older. I am embracing it.”

CBS: You seem to have such a ‘perfect’ life with a career and beautiful family. But do you really think that women have “have it all?”

NT: “I do think so. It was a blessing that I got to start working as young as I did. I got to put away money, save, and watch my kids grow up. I also got to start over and fall in love and start a family again. I would put it as having two different worlds. I had Jake and Hunter when I was 19-years-old and the babies now.

Now I know why people wait until they are older and have an amazing marriage to have kids. Being a teenager and going into my early twenties, I had the energy to raise Jake and Hunter. Now they are my 18-years-old buddies. They are 6’3” musicians who are driving now and it’s all about their friends. Hunter can play everything and Jake is the rhythm guy who plays the keyboard and drums. They are both really sweet, good boys.

Ciel is going to be in preschool and Rex is going to be 2-years-old in November. Time is flying and I’m glad I get to spend more time with them here. I don’t have to be back on a runway and I don’t have to travel right now.”

CBS: We hear you are currently having your tattoo removed. Are your kids allowed to get tattoos? What do you tell them about tattoos and the consequences of a life-long marking.

NT: “Jake got a tattoo during Christmas. They are allowed to get tattoos, but I told them they have to be 18-years-old. They couldn’t be like their mom, who got a tattoo when she was 15-years old. However, they didn’t ID you back then, which sounds so far away and so long ago [laughs].

Back in my twenties and teenage years, I thought I knew everything, and here I am getting my tattoo removed. It hurts ten thousand times worse than getting a tattoo. It’s a true fact. I make sure to tell my sons that. They are 18-years-old now and are going to make their own decisions. I can only say so much now, but they still listen to me.”

CBS: What do you have planned for Mother’s Day? What does Mother’s Day mean to you? What have been some of your favorite Mother’s Day gifts?

NT: “I don’t know what my family has planned for me. I just want to be with my babies and I hope I am with my mom and my sister. My mom is still an amazing mom and she’s a wonderful grandmother as well. I thank her and always pray for her. I still always call her for advice. To me, Mother’s Day is about my mom and I want to be with her on that day. It is a day for the family to be together.

My favorite Mother’s Day gifts are anything with chocolate or sugar in it [laughs]. Also, I think quality time is always the best gift.”

CBS: What are you and your family doing this summer?

NT: “This summer, we have swim lessons and the boys are going to Bonnaroo up here in Tennessee. I don’t know what I’ve got planned yet. There will be lots of sunscreen and hanging out as a family too. I also hope some work comes in.”

March for Babies walks are taking place everywhere this weekend. Niki will be leading off the Miami March for Babies this Saturday, April 27th at Tropical Park.

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  1. Cheritina

    I have always looked up to her, classy lady in my opinion. Love her!

  2. Confused

    Her twin sons went to school in Florida. She lives in TN. Not exactly telling the whole story.

    • Amal

      Do her twin sons ever see their dad who lives in Florida? Niki was so beautiful and then she plucked her eyebrows at 17 and started getting so many tattoos. I think she started losing a lot of modeling jobs as a result. I just saw her in a Talbots 2014 catalog and looks like they photoshopped her arms. There was no photoshop 20, 15, or 10 years ago, so I’m sure she lost a lot of jobs. Why ruin your body for all that ugly ink?

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