Farrah Abraham & Sophia: Errands In L.A.

Farrah Abraham and Sophia were seen returning to their hotel in Los Angeles, Calif. on Monday (April 22). Sophia wore a pink dress with gold shoes while her mom had on a red, low cut halter top and a sheer black skirt with leather boots.

The day before the 21-year-old former Teen Mom brought her 4-year-old daughter and father to visit the offices of Vivid Entertainment to negotiate a possible deal for her sex tape with porn star James Deen.

TMZ reported that Vivid Entertainment head honcho Steve Hirsch was “surprised” that Farrah brought her daughter along to the meeting and described the footage as “amazing”and “very explicit”.

Outside of the offices she said, “My dad’s just very supportive. And like any business person, I need to handle this situation the best way for my future…My dad’s just here helping me out, and I wanted to bring Soph out here as well. I’m just getting a couple different offers for two other companies, and I think it’s just smart that I’m hearing what each company has to say and really hearing out everything so I can process it.”

“I’ve only gotten great feedback from the other companies that they were personally impressed. In terms of every field of work that I’ve worked in, I’m always wanting to hear good feedback, whether it’s shows or it’s my book or other things. And I’ve only gotten great feedback about this. And that’s why maybe I’m looking into the option of releasing it. If I heard otherwise, I wouldn’t even be releasing it.”

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  • Dana

    Wow. Alrighty then. She should consider how releasing this will effect her daughter’s future. No amount of money will make up for the damage it will cause.

    • Dana

      And the fact that her father is helping to negotiate this deal is just ewww.

  • Jennifer

    Do something positive with your life Farrah. Be a positive role model for your daughter… This is awful. Bad, bad choices.

  • Heather

    The little girl is so cute.

  • penny

    I wouldn’t exactly say she was running an “errand”, she’s not popping into the supermarket to buy milk! Quite sad really!

  • jo

    Wow, I have new respect for the Kardashians.

    • Anonymous


      This is practically what Kris did to Kim to become “famous”. She shopped around and sold her daughters sex tape to the highest bitter.

  • SMH

    Most dads would do everything to prevent their child from releasing a sex tape and he is helping her?? And here l thought her mother was a quack turns out they all are! Why are we even exploiting this nobody? If she didnt do teen mom nobody would bat an eyelash at her!

  • Jesse

    What did you expect? Any teenager that gets pregnant or gets someone pregnant is not bright and lacks any morals.

  • Lolo

    Two words: hot mess

  • Sweetpea

    She’s not a celebrity. She’s a stupid, rude, annoying little prick who got knocked up at 16 and got on Teen Mom. And the kid is just as ugly as her. Go away Farrah!

    • Anonymous

      Say what you want about Farrah, but there’s no need to say rude things about a 3-yr-old’s appearance!! Bashing children for their looks is harmful and immature. Not to mention that this child looks nothing like Farrah – she looks just like her late father!

  • TIKI

    WHAT?! So darn it…….you mean to tell me all I had to do was get knocked up at 16, be a spoiled entitled brat, get fake boobs, do porn flicks and be famous?! This girl is GROSS AND STUPID AND ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anonymous

    I saw TMZ yesterday and was very surprised at her father’s behavior. He was beyond supportive and almost praising her actions. In actuality he should be hanging his head.

    I’m no prude by any means but this whole situation is just gross.

  • Lesley

    I wouldn’t be surprised if she was purposely hamming it up for the camera by giving her daughter that kiss as she got out of the car.
    Can’t stand Farrah. Can you tell?? 🙂

  • Jessie

    She’s so oblivious to the reality of what she’s about to do, not only to her life, but to her daughters life as well. She is a very nieve, self centered young woman who thinks she’s got life allllll figured out and nobody can tell her any differently. It makes me sick to see pictures of her walking with her 4 year old child into an adult entertainment office building to go negotiate her sex tape. What is wrong with this girl??????????? Even the guy she was having the meeting with was shocked and I’m sure it doesn’t take much to shock him seeing as how he looks at sex tapes all day. I have a feeling there is no amount of money in the world that’s going to compensate for the shame, guilt, embarrassment and self loathing this girl is probably going to feel in the days and years to come when/if this tape does come out.

  • Alice

    Poor Sophia.

  • Nina D.

    Sophia’s a cutie!

  • kamila

    I really think this site and others need to STOP POSTING anything about these Teen Mom girls. They are not celebrities, they do not deserve to be, they are mentally and emotionally damaged as is evidenced from their constant arrests, rehab trips, etc., and they are not role models. This glorifies teen pregnancy and the only way these girls will go away is if we IGNORE THEM. Seriously, no one cares.

  • popsykl

    cold mess

  • Lauren

    Is taking children to such places even legal? And if it is, why would you do that? Does she think that a porn movie’s set is a good place for children? I just hope Sophia was being cared for someone far from where the scenes were taped, and not around her own mother having pretend sex with some pornstar.

  • Alex

    A TYPICAL teen moms actions.

  • sierra

    Wooooow. I thought she wanted to be a positive role model? She went through school and everything just to end up doing porn? How could her father support her through this??? Its just gross that he went to the meeting, I mean did he see the video? Ugh. Her life will never change apparently and its her own damn fault. Porn is just down right nasty and it will be out there forever for everyone in the world to see. Nice job, farrah. Btw, I’m the same age as u, I have had a career three years, married and no children and very happy. Wish u could say the same.

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