Alec Baldwin & Hilaria: Big City Pair

Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria were seen walking around New York City on Friday (April 26). The couple – who are expecting a baby girl later this summer – stopped to talk to a construction worker along the way.

Hilaria, 28, recently told Glam Belleza Latina that she wants their daughter to learn Spanish.

She said, “We’re having a girl and we definitely want her to speak Spanish. I was on the phone with my nephew, who’s seven. He called me …and he asked me, ‘Is she going to speak Spanish?’ and I said, ‘Yes, but you have to help because she’s going to grow up here probably so you have to help speak to her in Spanish.'”

The yoga instructor added that she wants to have no English spoken in their home so that their little girl can learn the language.

“It’s a little tricky because my husband doesn’t speak Spanish, so that’ll be a little tricky in the house. But maybe we will have our own conversation and he’ll have to learn. We can talk behind his back. I cannot wait!”

Alec will have to get used to living with all females.

She explained, “I turned to Alec yesterday when the ultrasound was done and was like, ‘I get to buy pink things now! We have two girl dogs and me and now we have the baby girl, so he’s just going to be surrounded by girls. And he has his daughter Ireland as well.”

Just this week Baldwin, 55, was talking to Extra about his Broadway show Orphans when he mentioned about being the only man in the house.

Alec joked, “I’ve got two dogs… female… my wife… my daughter… everyone who works for us,” and added he was going to build a man cave in another apartment in his building.

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  • Robin

    Wow Alec is twice her age!

    • anonymous


  • courtney

    no he isn’t he’s 55 and she’s 31 age ain’t nothing but a number nobody bitched when Raphael Elkind married a woman 2 years older than him granted he’s still married to her now 19 years later with 2 nearly grown sons Peter & Henry very close to his mother in law

    • meghan

      Who the F are you going on about??

      • susie

        That’s just Courtney being Courtney 😀

    • Anonymous

      Might want to read the article, sweetie. She’s 28.

  • Heather

    She is so beautiful! It seems like she has really been a good influence on him.

  • They sound like good parents, I think everyone should be taught a second language from a really early age! It has so many benefits, I feel like I totally missed out having to try to learn now I’m older. It’s much easier to learn when you’re young.

  • i hope she looks like alec baldwin and her sister ireland but she would be born with full headed of thick velvet red-light brown hair, very fair and her eyes would be pale blue so she would be born bilingual which means she’ll speak fluenty in both english and spanish

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