Rebecca Gayheart & Eric Dane’s Party Girls

Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane took their girls Billie, 3, and Georgia, 15 months, to the Huggies Snug & Dry and Baby2Baby Mother’s Day Garden Party in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Saturday (April 27).

Billie gave a smile as they arrived. She wore a white dress just like her little sister.

Nice to see that Dane has treated his addiction to painkillers. Last June the actor checked into The Hills treatment center for thirty days.

His friends said the impending arrival of his second child was the catalyst behind his decision to get help. A source told Star magazine he reportedly felt that he had “far too much to lose” and added, “‘Eric felt things spiraling out of control and decided he needed to get some help.”

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI

  • Anonymous

    Billie is an odd looking child. She has a long thin body with a small head.

  • Hope

    I don’t may just be me but personally I think Billie is a GORGEOUS little girl as well as her little sister. I do think it’s odd that her hair is as short as it is at her age but other than that she has a darling little face with beautiful blue eyes. I don’t know how anyone can criticize a little child like that @anonymous …

    • Albus

      We’ve seen her since she was born. And yes, i’ve always noticed that she doesn’t have that much hair. I think that’s how she is. A gorgeous girl nevertheless.

      • susie

        Yes, but these things can change over time. I had very little hair until I was about five, and then my hair just kept growing thicker and longer.
        I really believe Billie will be a very beautiful woman. Her face is lovely. It’s so odd how people on this website get all worked up about a girl having short/little hair.

      • Lydia

        I think Billie is gorgeous as well with unique, pretty features. I think she is going to grow into a stunning young lady. Many kids don’t have much hair when they’re younger, and hers is blonde so it looks like even less. With her height as well, she’ll probably be a model someday!

      • NYCMommy

        Both my daughters barely had hair until they were 3 and now they have gorgeous think curly long hair. I think Billie will be the same way. 🙂 Both girls are very cute and seem happy and well loved.

    • anonymous

      Its not just you, I think Billie is a beautiful girl. I think she’s gotten even prettier as she’s gotten older.
      For all those who keep commenting on her hair and how thin it is, if you look back it used to be much thinner.
      Give it a little more time and she’s going to be a stunner with long, full locks.

  • Anonymous

    It’s called an opinion.

    • meghan

      And you can keep it to yourself.

  • courtneyb

    Here’s one of my favourite family. They’re all good looking, in my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    Meghan you’re an idiot. If you don’t like what’s written, get off this site.

    • PaminPA

      Wouldn’t that same rule apply to you? If you don’t like what Meghan writes, get off this site.

  • Anabelle

    I have to agree with Anonymous, Billie is one strange-looking child! She’ll probably grow up to look like a model, but right now, her looks just look odd on a 3-year-old. x

  • jamie

    I can’t believe Billie is only 3! she looks about 7 -8 ! She looks like her dad lucky girl!

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