‘The Little Couple’ Show Off William To Katie Couric

The Little Couple’s Dr. Jen Arnold and Bill Klein introduced their 3-year-old son William on the Katie Couric show recently.

Katie tweeted: “Loved meeting #LittleCouple @ReallyBillKlein, @JenArnoldMD & of course their little one!”

The couple adopted the boy – who was born with a form of dwarfism – from China. They stayed in the country for two weeks and said it was “amazing.”

Bill described their meeting to RadarOnline.com.

He revealed, “Jen started crying, and then admitted that he “cried a little bit, but didn’t let anyone see.”

William- who was called Ben by the couple before they adopted him – immediately said “mommy” and “daddy” in Mandarin. Jen recalled, “When he cried out to us it made me well up. He instantly had me wrapped around his little finger. He sealed the deal in the first minute.”

Bill said, “Jen is exactly what you would expect a parent who is a well educated pediatrician with a huge heart to be. She is light on the discipline. She just can’t get angry and the good thing is if I break him she can fix him.”

Jen adds of her husband, “I always expected him to be a fun dad. I’m the maintenance mom who feeds him, practices his ABCs with him. Bill just loves him and plays with him.”

Referring to the new episodes of The Little Couple – they stated, “We are excited to share and raise awareness about Dwarfism and hope this will let people see that little people are happy too. We want to get rid of the stigma and we’ve learned so much that we’re thrilled for other folks to see what we can do and what they can do too.”

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  1. zxcvbnmasdfghjklqwertyuiop

    Congrats to the Kleins!

  2. Donna

    So great to see the Klein’s adopting a son. Love, Love their show! We want more of the Kleins! Love them.

  3. LaKesha

    Absolutely thrilled for this family!h

  4. Conniemcwed

    Oh my God, I am so happy for Jen and Bill!!! They have waited so long to be parents, and have been put through the wringer! They deserve all the happiness life has to offer, they are such wonderful people! Little Will is a lucky boy to have them as parents! All the best to the three of them! Treasure every second. It goes by so quickly.

  5. Kristina

    They’re so sweet! 🙂

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