Paris Jackson & Debbie Rowe: Lunch Date

Aspiring actress Paris Jackson, 15, and her biological mother Debbie Rowe were spotted together out for lunch at Fire Island Grill in Palmdale, Calif. on Sunday ( April 28). After their get together, Paris posted a photo via Instagram with the caption, “<3.”

For years, Rowe, Michael Jackson‘s ex-wife and also the mother of 16-year-old Prince Jackson, was out of the picture. The former dermatology nurse – who was married to Jackson from 1996 to 1999 – gave her popstar husband sole custody of the kids in their divorce settlement. 

Rowe was awarded $8 million in the settlement and, except for occasional visits with her children, did not have contact with the famous family. She settled in Palmdale, about an hour outside Los Angeles.

But now, during Jackson’s multi-million dollar wrongful death trial, Rowe has resurfaced, and sources say she is becoming close to her long-lost daughter.

In recent weeks, Rowe has been spotted with Paris Jackson – watching her perform in her school play, taking her out to lunch, and hosting her at her Palmdale ranch. Once alienated from her former in-laws, Rowe has the blessing of Paris’s grandmother, Katherine Jackson, who sees her as a good influence.

“Paris has been going through a lot of teenage angst and feels a little bit unloved,” a source tells PEOPLE. “So about three months ago Paris reached out to her mother and told her she wanted to establish a relationship with her. Debbie was open to it, and Katherine Jackson is supportive of the developing relationship.”

“She’s enjoyed telling friends in L.A. how she’s helping take care of a pregnant mare on the ranch, and even how she was recently chased by a chicken,” the insider adds.

“Right now Paris is happy with the situation as it is,” says the source. “It’s even looking like at some point Paris will want to move in with Debbie.”

But big brother Prince has not embraced their biological mother.

“He has anger issues with her,” shares the source. “He feels like she abandoned him years ago.”

Rowe is not the mother of Jackson’s third child, Blanket, 11, who was born to a still-unidentified surrogate mother in 2002.

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Photo credit: FameFlynet/Instagram

  • Jessica

    Wow I love her new hair due!!! It really suits her!

  • SMH

    She’s such a beautiful girl. Glad she and her mom are bonding. She looks happy.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve never noticed how much she actually looks like her mom! She really is becoming so pretty, and I hope this new relationship makes her happy. 🙂

  • Hope

    Wow, she’s grown up SO much! She really is a beautiful girl and I love that haircut on her. 🙂

  • musiclover

    Wow… I’ve always thought she was pretty, but Paris has turned into a stunning young woman.

  • sookie

    I think it is great that Paris and her mother are bonding.

  • anon

    Abandoned is an understatement. This woman sold two children to Michael Jackson. She is sick. Who does that? And then to make it worse, he dies and then she doesn’t fight for her kids, she leaves them with these people who are not their true relatives. Disgusting.

    • joy

      not her true relatives? her grandmother? smh

    • Anonymous

      How are they “not her relatives”???

    • Ash

      She gave up custody to Michael. They had a strange arrangement, yes, but she had the children so he could be a father. I don’t think he’d be angry about his daughter reaching out to her mom, especially with how his family has handled things since his death.

    • popsykl

      she was pretty much a surrogate….the children were for him

  • Bria

    I love her new haircut!!!

  • Emma

    Wow, what a beautiful girl! And I love the way she’s rocking her hairstyle!

  • Anonymous

    Leaves them with these people? Those “people” are her grandmother, cousins etc.

    On a better note, I’m so happy that Paris is having a relationship with her mother and yes she is gorgeous!

    Debbie really packed on some lb’s huh?

    • erinn

      i think if i had to watch my children’s hearts breaking because their other parent had died (all in the public eye no less), and then watched the media circus that ensued, i’d probably gain some weight too.

      i am also glad that Paris has an opportunity to have a relationship with her mother. obviously i have no idea why her mother chose to sign over her custodial rights, but i am hopeful that it was with her children’s best interests at heart at that time–she never sold them down the river with a tell-all book or did any famewhoring that i’m aware of, despite a huge opportunity to do so.

      • Dap

        Or maybe it’s the guilt of having sold both her children for $8 million

        • Ash

          How is that any different than the men who pay child support for years? She didn’t abandon her children with just some stranger. She left them with their father. Many celeb divorces end with a huge settlement or agreement of alimony.

          • Dap

            Are you serious? Child support is paid to the parents who has custody as a way of sharing the financial cost of raising kids. And it was and should never thought as substitution for time actually spend with the child.
            Here 8 millions dollars were paid to the parent who didn’t have custody in exchange for the give-up of all her parental right. You don’t see the difference?!

        • Anonymous

          Dap, you clearly do not understand how being a surrogate works.

          • Dap

            You don’t mary your surrogate. Why did he marry her if she was only a surrogate? Why didn’t he marry the last child’s (I refuse to call him “Blanket”) surrogate?

          • Dap

            And why is the oldest boy angry if D.Rowe was only a surrogate?

          • Anonymous

            Hey Dap, the answers to those questions are really none of your business, are they?

  • lacey

    She is absolutely beautiful! Her eyes are amazing!

  • Doreen

    She is looking fantastic!

  • Lioness

    My goodness, Paris is gorgeous, and I absolutely love this new haircut on her. She’s always looked just like Debbie, and it’s nice to see them side-by-side.

  • zxcvbnmasdfghjklqwertyuiop

    It would be nice too to see Prince with his mom as well.

    • Ash

      I agree, but it’s been said Debbie doesn’t want to put pressure on him..that she wants it to happen naturally if it does. Prince seems to be more reserved, while Paris is more emotional.

  • Noinin

    My opinion is that Debbie Rowe was a surrogate, and only meant to be a surrogate. Michael Jackson married her because he wanted to pretend that he had children the “traditional” way. Michael Jackson stated that he took the babies home straight after the birth, leaving Debbie in the hospital. She was never around the kids even when they were married, except for a few photo ops. But because she is a surrogate doesn’t mean she cannot be important in Paris’ life, just like any surrogate mother to the babies they carried in their bellies 🙂

    • popsykl

      i agree she was a surrogate….it was agreed too……

  • Klara

    Paris looks so much like her mother. They have the same eyes =)

  • Kristina

    I was a little shocked when I saw Debbie. I didn’t know she has gained so much weight. 😮

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