Gena Lee Nolin’s Blog: “The Power Of Words”

Mom-of-four Gena Lee Nolin is inviting Celebrity Baby Scoop readers along as she shares her life experiences – and asks for advice – as she juggles her busy life with husband Cale Hulse and their four children: Spencer, 16, Caia, 11, Hudson, 6, and Stella, 4.

In her second guest blog, Gena talks about teaching her daughter healthy self-esteem and body image. While stressing the importance of words, the former Baywatch star shares some great tips. Continue reading her words of wisdom, and share your thoughts, questions, and advice in the comments.

“After having two boys, I was overjoyed to discover that I was finally having a GIRL! I drove home from the sonogram giddy, rocking out to Cindy Lauper’s Girls Just Want To Have Fun! I was going to have my baby girl and the world just seemed brighter.

When she was born, I realized I had a little lady on my hands and that I’d be the woman she’d look up to. I wondered, what will our future talks be like? Will she understand the career path I chose in my early 20s and be okay with the famous red swimsuit?

Since having children, I’ve become an open book and I allow all topics to be up for discussion. If you’re honest and come to the plate with knowledge and experience, your children will see that and respect you. Being known as a sex symbol isn’t exactly a bad thing; it’s actually very flattering. However, it’s really just a small part of who I am.

My children see their mom 90% of the time in jeans with no makeup on, running to soccer practice, volunteering at the local Goodwill, or giving any extra time I have to my thyroid awareness Facebook page. When my kids look at me, they most certainly don’t see the hundreds of magazine layouts or TV shows I’ve done; they see their mom and, frankly, they could care less about any of it!

At the end of the day, it’s about showing them firsthand the importance of loving yourself, owning your past, and looking to the future without missing a beat. Amen to that!

Today, girls have so much pressure to look a certain way, wear the current trends, and, of course, be paper-thin. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t concerned with what my daughter might be faced with later in life. So, how do we prepare ourselves for the inevitable? I say, start as early as we can to teach them healthy self-esteem.

When Stella was about 6-months-old, she’d sit on my lap after bath time and play the “patty cake” game and sing songs until bedtime. We’d always end our fun with this affirmation: “I am a Strong, Confident, Beautiful Girl!” This little jingle became a routine for us. As she grew older, she started saying it on her own. I can’t stress the power of words and the importance of how we speak about our own body image in front of our children.

I’ve had to stop myself many times from saying, “I’ve got to lose another 5 lbs” or, “Ahhh, I look terrible in this outfit!” We all have our moments, but that’s what girlfriends are for. Stella really listens and watches what I do. She’ll go in my closet and come out with my high heels on, saying, “Which ones should I wear today?” The day before, she saw her mama asking herself the same question.

Remember that the first three years of your daughter’s life are crucial. Those are the years that they develop significant intellectual, emotional and social abilities. Likewise, those are the years that she will learn to give and accept love. She will learn confidence, security, and empathy, too.

The first three years are the doorway to forever. Having a solid male figure in her life will be essential, too, as he will be her first love and he will affect how she will view men in general. The bar has definitely been raised in our home, because Cale is an amazing father and now Stella is a “Daddy’s Girl.”

There’s nothing sweeter than having my daughter pick me flowers on our walks or having spa night in “Mommy’s Bathroom.” She’s the future, MY future, and I want her to feel sturdy and grounded in whatever path she chooses. I can only guide her so far and then she’ll be off to create her own adventures.

When she looks back, she’ll see a very proud mama cheering her on. Watch out, world, here comes my “Strong, Confident, Beautiful Girl!”

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Those were very sweet words to read.


It’s hard for me to reconcile “Strong, Confident, Beautiful Girl” with a woman who clearly uses Botox, Bleach and Breast Implants to be that “Strong, Confident, Beautiful Girl”.


You make a very valid point there. She was obviously not happy with herself.

I love reading posts like these where people use the anonymity of blogs as weapons to judge and character-assassinate others and thinking they know what they don’t know. Probably why they read celebrity stuff anyway so they can compare their own dreary unhealthy lives. So sad. I’ve been reading your thyroid articles Gina, and thank you for bringing to light this disease that so many women face. Many don’t even know they have it and unfortunately the symptoms in and of itself can create self-esteem issues. Thanks for your contribution to society! It certainly takes a strong woman with healthy… Read more »

Where is the character assassination?

And newflash, Flo, EVERYONE judges. You just happen to have judged this woman worthy of your respect. I guarantee there are just as many people that you judge unworthy.

Flo, I don’t think “character assassination” is an accurate term at all. No one is questioning her character whatsoever. I believe that “Anonymous” is just stating a valid observation. This woman clearly does use those things and that’s fine since it is her choice. Just hope she’s honest with her daughter as she gets older. This gal has been out of the acting industry for awhile now but still uses the same tools as she did on Baywatch. Maybe now would be the time to get a little more “real” in her approach to beauty. She states that there is… Read more »

Great blogs! I’ve enjoyed them and I find it helpful! Thank you


How would any of you know what Gena does or doesn’t do? And who really cares! Most mommy/woman & friendsI know get botox!!! OMG, like a lot of them! What does it have to do with the way she’s raising her beautiful family? I love this girl and I don’t even remember her from Baywatch! HA! So there you bashing, old, worn out, rag women that have nothing better to do then put this stunning mother girl down!
Keep up the amazing blogs GLN!!!!!


LOL! You go Gena Lee! Without judgement from poeple like that, you wouldn’t be enived! It’s a great thing, trust me! Can’t wait for your book “Beautiful INSIDE & out”! 🙂 I said INSIDE didn’t I?!
Dr. Laura NYC


envied (sorry)

Melanie T.
I loved this blog and think her routine is wonderful with her little girl. She said that she’s had to be an OPEN book when it comes to her kids. She clearly is honest and very much open for all topics when it’s age appropriate. I don’t get the judgement here at all? I agree with Holly and see very envious women who obliviously have nothing better to do then put others down, because she looks very natural & stunning! Look at her photos? My God, if only I looked that good! BTW-how do you know if she get’s botox??… Read more »

FYI – Women Bashers ALERT!!! Kate Middleton, Gwenth Paltrow, Jessica Alba, Cindy Crawford, Christie Brinkley, Nicole Kidman and a slew more have all come out stating they use botox, get highlights in their hair and yes, get botox! OHHHHH, horrible! Also, most ladies I know in my mom groups, college buddies & doctor friends have had breast augmentations. BIG flipping DEAL! Get a life and get with the times. Gena’s beautiful and her blog was sweet as hell!! I’m now a fan.


Sorry to get off topic, but her husband is HOT!!!


Jealous women suck! We should be sticking together, especially the mother’s of the world. Negative comments from others simply mean they are jealous of that person, it’s psychology! I’m not jealous of Gena, because I’m a strong, confident, beautiful woman.

Why is it when people don’t sing her praises they are labeled as jealous??! So, unless you say nothing or go on and on about how wonderful you think she is, people who have a difference of opinion are bashed?? I don’t get it. Why are you all so invested? You are bashing others for having a difference of opinion. In my mind, you are no better. She may very well be a lovely person and a great mom, I don’t know her and I wouldn’t say otherwise. She does alter herself… SO WHAT! It’s her life and her choice.… Read more »

I thought the blog was well written and very sweet! I agree with Dr. Laura, without judgement from folks you’d never see just how envied and interesting you are. It’s highest compliment girl! Keep up the great writing and Botox! Whatever you’re doing its working. 😉
Donna LA

Justine Newell

If you get Botox and look that good, then I’m getting it too! Great mom, beautiful woman and impressive writer! What are the other Baywatch girls doing? 😉


Yolanda, if you are going to attempt to tell someone off, at least learn to spell first. Invest in spell check.


If I’m not mistaken, I’m almost certain that “Amy” said, she was over this! Apparently not! Looks like she has quite an interest in this blog and it’s contents, including the spelling!!! LOL! I see that her anger and negativity reminds us of how lucky we are to have kind people like Gena! So thank you!!


Auto-correct on my phone apparently made an error, thank you Amy for pointing that out! Now, could you please finally be over this blog and leave for good?!! You’re not wanted or needed! Peace out ladies!!!


Read the blog, very nice. I also read these ridiculous comments! People like Amy are just the insecure, hide behind their computer types that I wouldn’t pay any mind too. I think Gena has a very open, friendly vibe that relates to all us mommy’s! Anyone who writes something negative about this blog is just jealous.


Wanted to say how much I enjoyed your story! It was heart felt and so very special. Something you’ve shared with your little girl can help us who struggle with ours. I have a teenage daughter and it’s been beyond difficult for us! I wish I would’ve read this when she was small. You’re a bright light and it’s written all over this extrodanary blog.
God Bless you and your beautiful family Gena!

Madame Joy

I already know that my 6 yo girl is going to have body image issues and I can’t seem to do anything about it, because I can’t seem to solve mine. I am sorry for her that she couldn’t have gotten better genes in that department, no matter how very beautiful a face she has.