10 Things New Moms Don’t Know About Breastfeeding

Before you were pregnant, you probably hadn’t heard that your legs would get hairier or your nipples would darken as your baby grew inside of you, but you learned these and other quirky details while venturing through the trimesters.

Now you might be wondering what nursing-related secrets lie ahead. After all, you can learn the fundamentals in a Breastfeeding 101 course, but you simply can’t comprehend everything you’ll experience until you’re actually nourishing your newborn.  Here are 10 things you may not have known about breastfeeding from our friends at Fitpregnancy.

You can Eat For Two

Don’t feel guilty for taking an extra helping at dinnertime; you need an additional 500 calories per day to help produce breast milk. For your baby’s sake, make those calories count.

“Eat whole grains, fruits and vegetables as well as foods containing calcium,” Beck says. Breast milk is rich in calcium, and if your diet is lacking in this important nutrient, your body will use your own calcium stores, which could leave you deficient.

“If you’re not a milk drinker, get calcium in other foods, such as cheese, yogurt, spinach and other dark leafy greens as well as fortified cereal and orange juice,” she says.

Here are a few nutrient rich, nursing-friendly recipes to make sure you and your baby are getting exactly what you need.

Read all 10 here.

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  1. jacquie109

    It is so bad to tell new moms to go ahead and eat whatever they want!! That is not always the case because all the effects of the food you eat happen to your baby too. If you eat food that make you gassy or constipated, it’s going to do the same to your baby. So yes eating healthy is the best option, but you also have to be careful about what you eat. (Brocoli cheese soup is not reccomended for new babies! My daughter didn’t poop for 3 days). It really is best to eat bland foods and then add things slowly to see how their tummies react and also to make sure they aren’t allergic to certain foods.

    • Laurel

      True, you do need to eat very healthily while pregnant and nursing. It’s also about 300 more calories a day, not really eating for two. But I’d disagree about the bland foods and such. It sounds like your daughter is sensitive so you did a great job of listening to her and changing your diet. However, others can ear everything (including broccoli, spicy foods and such) without a problem. Every baby and Mama is different. So we all learn what works best for each child.

  2. Leah

    I hate articles like this. Yes, breastfeeding does use up calories but don’t say you can eat for two. Plus, milk isn’t the number one source of calcium. Please do research before writing articles.

  3. Bonnie

    This isn’t 10 things about breastfeeding, this is 10 recipes for breastfeeding mamas. You need to change the headline

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