Farrah Abraham: I’m “Happy” With 7-Figure Porn Payday

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham has has a new title to add to her resume: porn star.

The 21-year-old mom of 4-year-old daughter Sophia sold her sex tape to Vivid Entertainment. “I am happy with the seven-figure settlement I have reached with what I feel to be the best adult entertainment company in the industry, Vivid,” Farrah exclusively tells In Touch.

But don’t expect the young mom to pursue a full-time career in pornography any day soon.

“I look forward to my future goals of completing my Master’s degree and focusing on being a great mother for my daughter as well as many other culinary business endeavors in my future,” she adds.

Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom will be released online at vivid.com on May 6 and will be sold in stores nationwide on May 14.

“This is a risk for me to take; however, I feel comfortable with giving the rights to Vivid, a company I know can handle the media and press surrounding my sexuality,” Farrah tells the mag.

Although Farrah’s sexual encounter with porn star James Deen was originally for her eyes only, she received “great feedback” on the video and began shopping around for potential sales offers.

“I think many fans will be shocked at how truly explicit it is, including stunning backdoor scenes,” said Vivid Entertainment founder and co-chairman Steve Hirsch about the porn. “Farrah’s looks remind me of a young Kim Kardashian, and we all know how her story turned out.”

“I am very pleased with the outcome and to have this opportunity to be an entrepreneur in another unexpected light in my life,” says Farrah.

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  • Ann


    • Danielle

      totally agreed. i don’t know how she can say “focus on being a great mother” when she’s just done something that her daughter will hopefully be ashamed of some day (assuming she is raised better than her mother obviously was, though i somehow don’t see that happening).

  • Jennifer


  • Jesse

    LOL “backdoor”?? She did anal?? Wtf what’s wrong with this girl!

  • Opal

    Her daughter will be so proud <3 NOT!

  • anonymous

    She should be so proud.

  • SMH

    Mtv should be so happy to have created a porn star!

    Why not just go get a job? Its not like she didnt make 5 figures a season for Teen Mom. She acts like she is doing this for her dauhter but plenty of people get by with minimum wage jobs and still manage to take care of their kids. But at least they can go home at the end of the day and be proud of who they are and can say to their kids mommy worked hard….not mommy got paid to have sex on camera! She seems too materialistic and its ashame her dad went along with it. It seems like he just is doing whatever to get Farrah to like him again. I hope her porn life comes back to bite her in the ass. Poor Sophia!

    • Lioness

      What job is paying her 7 figures? She’s a single mom, which is an incredibly hard job- why would she slug away at some minimum wage job, when she can use her fame to earn far more? Did it have to be porn? No, but that’s what she chose. I can’t imagine what kind of hell she might even catch from her co-workers at a regular job, it would probably be quite difficult for her. Is it a choice I would make? Probably not, but I understand why she did it. Don’t be so quick to judge- I highly doubt it was an easy decision for her to make.

      • amanda

        I believe when Amber Portwood went to court she was asked how much money did she make, she asked if she didn’t have to answer, the judge said she did. She said in a court of law $280,000. So I would assume that the other cast members were making the same. They did how many seasons on Teen Mom; what did Farrah do with all that money?

        • Anonymous

          Other sources have cited $60,000/season for Teen Mom which is far more than most teen mothers are making.

          • amanda

            I believe that’s what MTV put out there, because in court she had to report her salary, as for job description she said, tv personality. In the end it was revealed that she makes $280,000 annually.

        • Lioness

          Put it towards her life, I’m assuming. She’s 21, with a lot life ahead of her. Why not utilize what she has to leverage some wealth for herself? Again, I wouldn’t make the same choice, but I certainly don’t knock her for it. Like I said, it is she who has to look in the mirror and live with her choices, and she who will have to explain her decisions to Sophia. And if she does that right, and is truly at peace, Sophia will be just as happy and proud of her mother as our own children are of us.

  • Sarah

    I feel ashamed that I once felt pity for her. You deserve what you will get in the future

  • Alyson

    Sad that she needs things to be bigger and better than your average teen mom. The $ she got from MTV must not be enough for her lifestyle. Just hope Sophia does not grow up to be like her.

  • Lolo

    I’m disappointed that CBS would even run a story about this trash. She’s not a celebrity and this story has nothing to do with her as a mother. Why perpetuate such poor behavior?

  • Lioness

    To each her own- I’m happy if she’s happy. She will be the one that will have to explain her choices to her daughter, not us. The way she behaved to her mother disgusts me, but I don’t know near enough of their history to judge her. She’s an adult, and trying to find her path in life, just like the rest of us. Takes a lot of balls to do what she did, so I hope- in the end- it winds up being worth it. Seven figures certainly helps A LOT, I’m sure, lol.

  • Soya

    Gross. I guarantee this chick will be busted for not paying her taxes within the next 2 years. Quick seven figure paychecks come with a 50% tax liability + accounting fees, just ask Richard Hatch.

  • Robin


  • Sweetpea

    You nasty hoe.

  • popsykl

    farrah 🙁

  • Jen

    She’s a slut!! For god’s sake, she is a mother, she should act like one. Hope she likes it when her daughter turns out to be a hoebag, too, just like her mama.

  • Nina D.

    I just hope she spends the money on her daughter, and not herself.

  • Anonymous9

    There’s no way she got 7 figures. Heck, most people don’t even know who she is. She took what she could get and vastly inflated the amount to make herself look like more than the two dollar whore she is.

  • Dana.

    She clearly has no class or self-respect. Shame that her daughter will have these poor examples to learn from!!!!!!

  • jamie

    I thought she was going to school to be a chef? Guess porn paid better .She has no self respect ,groseeeeeeeeeeeee.

  • penny

    Reading that is positively sad. I cannot believe her father encouraged it. I’m sitting here watching my baby girl play and all I want to do is protect her, it’s the normal instinct right?. A parent helping their child sell a sex tape, is truly horrific! What is this world coming to!?!

    • SMH

      I honestly believe Michael only helped bc Farrah cant stand him for whatever reasons & bc her mom basically disowned her bc of this he prob thought this was his chance to get in good w her. Its quite disgusting! Farrah has major issues l think its time she spent more time at her therapist & less time making porn!

      • Anonymous

        And I think it’s time you spent more time with a dictionary and a grammar book!

  • SMH

    Lets face it the only people who do porn are those that care about money more then self worth. We always knew Farrah cared about what was best for her and not Sophia. Nothing changes.

    • Anonymous

      For SOME people, it’s just sex. If they can do something they like, something they’re good at, and get paid for it, it’s no big deal. SOME people don’t wrap up their entire self-worth into stuff like this, and that’s their business.

  • word too

    Teen mom is just a show for glorified hoes thats why its not surprising that she did what she did hoes in training man hoes in training

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