Kyle Richards’ Pretty Portia

Kyle Richards has shared a couple of new photos of her 4-year-old daughter Portia. On Sunday (April 28) she wrote: “Portia is listening to music while washing her car on this beautiful Sunday”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star also told fans on Instagram that her little girl lost her tooth.

“BREAKING FAMILY NEWS Portia lost her 1st tooth – Tooth Fairy PLEASE don’t sleep through the night”

Richards has said she wants to have more children with husband Mauricio Umansky. The mom – who also raises daughters Farrah, 24, Alexia, 17, Sophia, 13, –  recently told Radar Online, “Yes, I want more babies. I wish I’d done it right after Portia.”

Last Thursday (April 25) the reality star also mentioned to US Weekly the not so glamorous times of motherhood.

Referring to Portia she shared, “I mean, if your kid throws up, you are not asking someone else to clean it up. That’s disgusting. Like, even my husband I don’t think could handle it. And I couldn’t clean up someone else’s child. It has to be my child.”

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  • Mary

    Despite her mom, Portia is such a beautiful little girl!!!

  • sirius

    She is cute, but why is it Portia and not Porsche? I hate that. Its cute she’s got a lifetime of correcting her name ahead of her. I met a little girl named Lilly the other day. One l is a flower, two is a pharmaceutical company. Again, a lifetime of correcting people. Its not cute to mispell names on purpose.

    • Pippa

      Wow, are you serious? Obvioulsy, you have the internet, if you are commenting here – and you still dont know why it’s spelled “Portia”? Ummm, look it up?

      She isn’t named after a car. Portia is the name of a character in The Merchant of Venice (a Shakesphere play). And in Theosophical belief, she is the goddess of Justice and Opportunity. All info found online.

    • Jessica

      Portia is how most people spell it when referring to a person.

    • Lavinia

      My gosh I hope you are joking! Ignoramuses like you might need to be told how to spell Portia but the rest of us know the difference between a German car brand and an ancient Latin rooted girl’s name!!!

  • Netsurfer

    In addition, the car was named after its designer, Ferdinand Porsche.

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